The Met Office having a laugh

Chew Valley Lake

Today’s guest picture is a second look at the Chew Valley Lake by Venetia.  It shows the surface of the water dotted with what she thinks is a vast quantity of coots.

Chew Valley Lake

We had one of those days today which are politely described as “changeable” but which might more honestly be described as utterly miserable.

To be totally fair, there was a sunny hour in the morning but as I was stuck in the Information Hub not giving information out, the sunshine was wasted on me.  I had passed a colourful gutter on my way to the town centre….

leaves near church

…and enjoyed the poplars in the park as I crossed the suspension bridge…


…but by the time that I came home, the leaves had been swept up by the street cleaner and the rain had started again.

Two hours in the new information palace is a good deal better than two hours in the old hub.  It is warm and comfortable and as you can see the Market Place through the window, there is always something to watch in a quiet moment.

Welcome to Langholm

Sandy came round with a cup of coffee which helped the time pass painlessly.

I took a quick look at the garden before I went in.

viola and clematis
Viola and clematis thriving in spite of a heavy night of rain.
Azalea and hosta
Azalea and hosta showing that it is autumn though

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal headed off for a visit to the council dump and I put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database and then considered a walk.  I had to go back up to the town to pay a bill so I texted Sandy to see if he would like an outing but he declined the opportunity.

He must have felt quite pleased about this decision as it started to rain as soon as I set out…

It was grand weather for ducks.

….but I stuck to my task and the rain relented after a while and I had a damp but pleasant stroll round the Castleholm and the Pheasant Hatchery.

In spite of the gloom, I snapped away as I went along.

Lodge walks
The Lodge Walks

The felled trees showed why they had had to be dealt with.

More hole than tree in this conifer
A fungus on the felled trunk
A fungus on one of the felled beech tree stumps

In spite of the low clouds, there was no shortage of sights to catch the eye.

A view across the Castleholm
And another
Pheasants at the pheasant hatchery
Pheasants at the pheasant hatchery
Path past pheasant hatchery
The path past the pheasant hatchery
autumn leaves
Leaves beside the path.
View from Duchess Bridge
The view upstream from the Duchess Bridge

The river had risen a lot after some heavy rain.

I looked over the manse wall as I  got near home and enjoyed the sight of one of the minister’s more decorative friends.

minister's chicken

Mrs Tootlepedal had got back by the time that I returned and had even had time to make some delicious scones.  As it started to rain heavily again almost as soon as I got in, I was doubly pleased to be in the kitchen in these circumstances.

My flute pupil Luke came and we enjoyed some duets and then it was time for a quick tea.  Mrs Tootlepedal went out to the Buccleuch Centre to see a ‘live’ presentation of Cosi Fan Tutti from the Royal Opera House and I waited for Sandy to pick me up to go to a Camera Club meeting.

The fact that the rain was coming down in buckets by this time might have accounted for a modest turnout at our meeting but if we were short on quantity, we weren’t lacking in quality at all and had a very good set of pictures to enjoy.  As this was followed by tea, coffee and biscuits laced with good conversation, it was felt to be a worthwhile evening.

The flower of the day is a striking poppy….


…and the flying birds are a flock of the pheasants who would be well advised to learn not to fly up like that as people approach.

flying pheasants

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26 thoughts on “The Met Office having a laugh

  1. My favorite photos are the the colorful leaves in the gutter and the path past the pheasant hatchery. 🙂

  2. Many fungi that infect trees cause heart rot, which it looks like the conifer had. Trees can stand while hollow for many years though.
    The path past the pheasant hatchery is beautiful and so are the landscapes.
    The poppies just keep on giving.

  3. I’m not going to attempt to pick a favorite image from today’s post, they’re all great examples of why a person should take advantage of every minute of the time that they can spend outside this time of year. The soft, even light that you had was wonderful for all your photos today!

  4. Sounds like, despite the awful weather, you had an enjoyable day. Those leaves in the gutter and all the autumn views on your walk were a delight to the eye.

  5. I liked the colourful gutter. The new Information hub looks very inviting.
    Glad Camera Club went well. Hope Mrs T enjoyed Cosi Fan Tutti.

  6. The colourful gutter is glorious – would make a very nice note card. Rather snappy carpeting in the new information palace! And that chicken – I laughed out loud – it looks like Elvis on a windy bad hair day!

  7. Lovely autumn photos! I love the carpet in the hub and the viola and clematis are are very pretty.
    We drove past a place where pheasants had been released recently and the road was covered with their dead bodies – horrible! They are so ignorant, poor things – maybe a quick road-death is better than being shot?

  8. A nice raft of coots from Venitia, and I always love those roads, and rivers, disappearing around the bend. Autumn in the countryside is looking quite lovely over there.

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