Here and there


Today’s guest picture was taken by Dropscone.  He walked up to the top of Warbla with his daughter Susan at the weekend and looked down on the town.


A blustery west wind brought in thick cloud this morning and it made for a very gloomy day as I went up to the Moorland Feeders to act as a substitute for Sandy who usually fills them on a Thursday.  He is on holiday for a few weeks and I hope I get sunnier weather when I go up to the feeders again next week.

I sat and watched the birds for a while but it wasn’t a day for photos so I settled for the best that I could do with a woodpecker…


…and came home.

I had a look a some birds in the garden and was pleased to see a greenfinch.


We are expecting visitors tomorrow so there was some tidying up to do when I got back and then it was time for an early lunch and a trip to Edinburgh to see Matilda.  She was in sparkling form and took her father shopping….


…making sure that he had bought the right stuff for our tea.


We had a really entertaining time and were sad when it was time to walk up to the station…

An artily lit bridge by the station entrance.

…and go home again.

I am rather tired after all this fun so I apologise for such a brief post but it makes a useful break for the patient readers after so much endless autumn colour.

The flower of the day is a posy of cut flowers to welcome our visitors tomorrow….


…but a very fuzzy chaffinch was the best I could do in unfriendly conditions for flying bird of the day.



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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

14 thoughts on “Here and there

  1. Good things always come in small packages and your post fits the bill! Lovely bird photos, lovely catch up with grand daughter, lovely posy- all in all a really lovely post.

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