I spoke too soon

regent's park

Today’s guest picture is another from Mary Jo’s London visit.  She has discovered that she really likes Regent’s Park and I don’t blame her.  It is a lovely park.

regent's park

I spoke too soon about our dry spell of weather because when we woke up this morning, it was raining heavily and it continued to rain while Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir and I made a spaghetti sauce for the slow cooker.

There were moments when there was a hint of a blue sky behind the rain….

chaffinch in the rain

…but they didn’t last and all was soon quite grey again.  Tempers were flaring in the feeder world…


…even though there were spare perches to be had.  Perhaps the birds have been infected by the rank political climate of the times.

I didn’t have long to enjoy staring out of the window at the rain though because as soon as Mrs Tootlepedal got back from church, we headed off to Carlisle to do a little shopping before an extended meeting of our Carlisle choir.

It was a ‘singing day’ when we get some specialist singing help from tutors who come down from Glasgow for the afternoon as well as extended work with our conductor on some of the pieces we are currently singing.  It was tiring but enjoyable and I have made a resolve to try to sing every day so I can put the things that I learned today into practice.

It was still raining when we got home so I don’t think that we missed much fun in Langholm.  The temperatures are much lower than they have been until this week so I shall have to get adjusted to cycling in miserable conditions.  I have been very spoiled lately and am finding it hard to get motivated at the moment.

The flower of the day, taken in the rain, is a marigold….


…and the flying bird, taken in the gloomiest part of the morning, is a chaffinch.

flying chaffinch

I took so few pictures today that I am taking the liberty of sneaking in one which I took last night after I had posted the blog.   We had no big firework celebration in the town yesterday and this was the only light in the night sky when I looked.


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23 thoughts on “I spoke too soon

  1. Your angry birds must be listening to the news from overseas. My radio stays off until Wednesday morning.

    A beautiful marigold, and moon. We’ve had some relatively clear early evenings lately, making for some good moon viewing.

  2. The moon photo is much better than a firework. I am missing the bright warm weather too and can’t motivate myself to do any gardening in the short breaks in the rain. Lovely marigold.

  3. I love the moon shot. I have never attempted night photography, I suspect there’s too much artificial light where I am most of the time. Good luck with the singing regime. I’m hoping you will inspire me to practice more often.

  4. Lovely picture of the moon. We saw a very bright one here on Saturday evening. Well done to the choir for working so hard.

  5. Love the moon photo and with all the high jinks going on in the political world wouldn’t surprise me to see a cow in the picture too! Thank goodness for reality in the photos of your garden birds and that pretty marigold.

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