Here and there

Ely cathedral

Today’s guest picture is a view of the inside of Ely Cathedral taken by my brother Andrew.

Ely cathedral

I got up pretty promptly this morning as I was due to go up to the Moorland Feeders because Sandy is still away and Mrs Tootlepedal needed the car to go to Carlisle to help sorting out the choir music.  Luckily, although it was near zero again, the roads were ice free and the sun was out so it was a good morning to go to the feeders.

It looked fairly wintery up on the moor…

Moorland feeder view

…but once again, the winds were very light so it wasn’t too cold and I sat in the hide for a few minutes after I had filled the feeders.  There was a lot of action to enjoy…

great tit and chaffinch

…but no new winter visitors in sight.

woodpecker and blue tit

I stopped a couple of times on my way back down the hill.

Mist at Broomholm

I was a bit sorry that I didn’t have more time to spare as it was a promising morning for taking pictures.

Broomholm road
A little mist on a sunny morning never does any harm
Broomholm road
This is the same view but looking back down the road

When I got home, the sun obligingly went in so I didn’t feel so bad when Mrs Tootlepedal drove off and left me watching the birds.

flying goldfinch
A goldfinch concentrating hard
Chaffinches in motion
And coming to a halt

I went out to check if the clematis had survived a chilly night and not only found that it had but found another little one near by.  They are not in the peak of condition to say the least but they are still there.


How some flowers survive when all around them have gone is one of those mysteries.

nicotiana and cornflower
A tough pair: nicotiana and cornflower

My hand has got a bit sore lately so I put down the heavy camera and tried catching a bird or two with the Lumix which is much more forgiving to lift up.



Catching flying birds is a different matter.

I put in some time practising songs for our Carlisle choir.  I am trying to develop a bit more of a musical memory so that when I have got a song somewhat mastered, it remains in my mind and I don’t have to start all over again next time that I look at it.

Mrs Tootlepedal came back from Carlisle and we were soon on our way to Lockerbie and thence on to Edinburgh by train to visit our granddaughter Matilda.  I didn’t take a camera with me as I figured that the light would be too poor by the time that we got to Edinburgh to make it worth while taking pictures.  As it happened, the light was superb for a short while and I had to resort to the phone.

This is the Scottish Parliament in the foreground with golden sunshine playing on Salisbury Crags behind.

Salisbury Crags

A side road further on our way gave us a glimpse of Arthur’s Seat, also looking as though it might have been touched by Midas.

Arthur's Seat

I wished that I had had a good camera with me and time for a walk.

Still, it was a great pleasure to meet Matilda and her fine parents and we spent some happy hours playing, talking and eating before we caught the train home again.

With the temperature at zero, I was quite pleased to have the winter tyres on the car.

The leaf of the day will have to wait again because there was a lone poppy hanging on for dear life in the hope of getting the honour of being the flower of the day…


…and a chaffinch taking a bow appears as flying  bird of the day.



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26 thoughts on “Here and there

  1. I like the patterns in your brother’s photo and the golden mountainsides.
    The misty valley and road made for some great shots and it’s so nice to see flowers of any kind in November. The poppy is amazing. I never knew they were so hardy.

  2. The photos that you shot of the road are superb, you caught some great lighting with these! It’s nice to see a few flowers still hanging in there also.

    The photos from your phone were also very good, but I would think that anytime you visit Matilda that you’d want to take one of your other cameras with you.

    1. It is difficult to get good shots of Matilda indoors without annoying all and sundry by making complicated arrangements so I am intending to leave more personal pictures until spring in general.

  3. An interesting guest photo followed by some beautiful, misty autumn scenes and a magical townscape. A busy day for all including the birds.

    1. I am still surprised by how few birds we have in the garden. The fine weather in October must have left plenty of food in the real world for them.

  4. All beautiful. I love the misty shots too. We are also toying with cooler temperatures but haven’t quite reached freezing yet. That could happen tonight. I’m with you on trying to memorize my part; not only does it make it easier to sing but also easier to keep my eye on the director.

  5. Always pleasing photos here, but I especially love those country roads. I would like to walk into the picture and go for a stroll! You still have quite a bit of color in your garden, and the lonely poppy and FBOTD a beautiful finish.

  6. I’m sorry about your hand being sore and you needing to try the lighter camera but you still produced a lovely collection of shots. The mist and the foliage along the country roads and the golden Arthur’s Seat were very pleasing to the eye. And of course spending time with Matilda and her parents is always special. 🙂

  7. I haven’t seen a better photo of the lantern tower at Ely; it’s a beautiful shot. Your misty lanes and golden Edinburgh crags are delightful and I too, am amazed at the staying power of some of your flowers. Hope your hand feels better soon.

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