Seeing people, doing stuff

North berwick harbour

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce’s trip to the east coast where he visited the picturesque harbour at North Berwick.

North berwick harbour

We had our coldest morning of the year here with the thermometer showing below zero when we got up.  It was dry and sunny though so I was able to walk up to the town with no problems when I went to check on our car at the garage and talk to Nancy, the Archive Group treasurer, who was working in the Archive Centre.

The car was just on its way for a test run so after chatting to Nancy and printing out more record sheets for the data miners to fill up, I took a month of completed sheets with me, topped up my supplies of beetroot at our greengrocer’s shop and walked home again.

I put some of the beetroot on to cook and looked at the feeders.  There was no shortage of birds to look at.

Goldfinches being unnecessarily rude considering that there were empty perches.
A blackbird, probably a winter migrant, looking a bit nonplussed. The berries are from the nerines. I don’t know if they are edible.

I was keeping an eye for the two robins and I soon saw one perched on the bench…


…but the other one must have been nearby….


…and this one flew off at speed very crossly.

A few minutes later, one was back perching but whether this one was the original one, I don’t know.


Robins have the magical property of being able to change from slim to round in an instant.

The feeder action continued…

greenfinch, chaffinch and goldfinch
A finch carousel

…but I had to leave them to it and go to fetch the car.  The test drive had proved satisfactory and no leak or engine malfunction had been discovered so we are going to monitor matters for the time being and hope for the best.

When I got home again, it was time for lunch and I enjoyed a delicious plate of liver and bacon.  The liver was a present from Dropscone who had acquired it at a very reasonable price on his shopping trip on the way to pick me up yesterday.

While I was cooking, one of the robins turned up again, this time disguised as the hunchback of Notre Dame.


After lunch, the temperature had risen to 2.5°C, too cold for me to fancy a cycle ride but pleasant enough for a walk, especially as a marked deterioration in the weather was forecast for the end of the afternoon.

Almost all the leaves are gone and the larches are the last providers of colour now.

larches at Pool Corner

Bare branches were reflected in the water at Pool Corner.

Pool Corner

 There were still interesting things to see.

tree garden
A little tree garden among the twigs
Lichen tipped with colour
And another little garden on the Auld Stane Bridge parapet.

When I got onto Gaskell’s Walk, the path was icy in spots and I had to watch where I was going quite carefully but I was able to lift my eyes up to the hills from time to time.

Meikleholm Hill – I liked the subdued layers of colours

At the Stubholm, a sheep seemed to be finding my camera a bit of an intrusion.


I had a choice then of going straight home or extending the walk but a flurry of rain persuaded me to take the direct route…

Stubholm track

…down to the park.  The park wall provided interest as ever…


…but the frost had finished off all the fungus on the river bank.

I settled down to put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database but I hadn’t finished when visitors arrived.  Nancy had come to discuss the group’s accounts for the year and when we had finished, we joined Mrs Tootlepedal and Mike Tinker who had arrived in the justified hope of conversation and a cup of tea.

We caught up on all the news that was fit to hear and then when our guests had left, I went back to the database for a while before my flute pupil Luke arrived.  We had a very satisfactory time with a lot of progress being shown and we were both pretty happy at the end.

After a quick tea, it was time to go off to our monthly camera club meeting.  I had been a bit worried about a poor attendance as several members were unable to come but in the event, we got a good turnout of regulars and no less than three new members, two of whom were youngsters.

The range and standard of pictures on display was very enjoyable, with one or two good enough to raise a collective gasp.  This was our last meeting of the year and we will start again in January full of hope and optimism.

The leaf of the day is a variegated willow….


…and the flying bird is a chaffinch.


As I finish this, the wind is howling round the house with bad weather forecast for several hours.  I got my walk in in good time.

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24 thoughts on “Seeing people, doing stuff

  1. I am glad you got your walk done in time! I am listening to howling wind here too. I enjoyed seeing all your lichen photos and the photo of the larches is very attractive.

  2. The robins seem to have several different expressions, from sweet innocence to stern.
    I’d love to see ferns growing on our trees like yours do. I wonder if the one on the left is a polypody fern. The spore cases look much the same.
    The dark path looks interesting, as if it would be a good spot for mushrooms.

  3. Beautiful late autumn views, and I love the dark but enticing road on the direct route. It is great weather for fungal viewing, reminding me I should take a walk back into the derelict hazelnut grove and see what is growing on the branches back in there. Swollen lichens festoon the branches like grey-green tinsel at this time of year.

    Very beautiful photos of the spore cases on the underside of the ferns. Spore cases are works of art.

  4. Love the reflections and the ferns photos. It’s wonderful that you can find so many beautiful images every day!

  5. Re the dippers displaying. We watched a similar situation on the Teviot last week and like you couldn’t make our minds up if the were fighting or displaying. They were certainly very noisy and it went on for some time

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