An unexpected treat

Today’s guest picture not only comes from a guest, my son Alistair, but also shows a guest, his daughter Matilda, who has brought her parents down to Langholm for a short visit. We were making plans yesterday to go to Edinburgh to visit both our sons and their families over the New Year when ourContinue reading “An unexpected treat”

Not very bright today

Just to remind myself not to complain too much about the weather, today’s guest picture is another of Mary Jo’s Canadian snowscapes.  Just thinking about clearing a drive in these conditions makes my back hurt. Although Dropscone complained that it was cold outside when he came round for coffee (bringing traditional Friday treacle scones withContinue reading “Not very bright today”

Woodpeckers and woods

Today’s guest picture comes from Mike Tinker’s NZ trip and shows Nelson Cathedral.  He tells me that as it is in NZ,  it has an earthquake policy, the final line of which says: ‘if the earthquake is a gentle event (i.e. no creaks in the building) services will continue’.  I hadn’t thought that there mightContinue reading “Woodpeckers and woods”

Yes we have no bananas

Today’s guest picture, kindly sent to me by Mary Jo from the land of proper snow, is designed to stop me moaning about our weather.  It won’t work though.  She tells me that she is currently looking after three houses and is keeping very fit shovelling snow. We had a rather nice day here, withContinue reading “Yes we have no bananas”

Circular tour

Today’s guest picture, taken by my sister Mary,  comes from Derby where she spent Christmas visiting our brother and his family.  She managed to find a fine pond in a local park. We have been kindly treated by storms Barbara and Conor, whihc gave us no more than a glancing blow as they whisked upContinue reading “Circular tour”

Thereby hangs a tail

No guest picture today but a picture of an intriguing present instead.  Our older son gave Mrs Tootlepedal a jigsaw puzzle and she has just started out on it.  I hope to reveal the picture as the puzzle is solved. Our Boxing day weather can best be described as mixed, with sunshine, sleet, rain andContinue reading “Thereby hangs a tail”

T’was the night before Christmas

Today’s guest picture shows the Royal Naval College at Greenwich.  My sister Mary took the picture when she visited Greenwich last month. We had a grey and breezy day today but without the rain and gales of yesterday, it seemed like quite a good day by comparison. There was a little last minute shopping toContinue reading “T’was the night before Christmas”

The storm before the calm

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s walk in the Dove valley earlier this month.  The famous stepping stones had been damaged by a flood and he had to resort to a bridge half a mile downstream. We woke to strong winds and heavy rain.  This was Storm Barbara making itself known.  It wasContinue reading “The storm before the calm”

The calm before the storm

Today’s guest picture comes from Sandy’s recent trip to the USA and Mexico.  It shows that he probably chose the right day to visit the Grand Canyon.  You can see much more about this part of his trip on his latest blog.  I would recommend a  visit. There was some tremendous wind and rain duringContinue reading “The calm before the storm”