T’was the night before Christmas

The Royal Naval College

Today’s guest picture shows the Royal Naval College at Greenwich.  My sister Mary took the picture when she visited Greenwich last month.

The Royal Naval College

We had a grey and breezy day today but without the rain and gales of yesterday, it seemed like quite a good day by comparison.

There was a little last minute shopping to do and the Christmas tree to bring into the house but otherwise we had a quiet day.  There was a good number of birds about in the garden and I was pleased to see the Christmas robin was looking in fine form.


The garden seemed to be full of blackbirds…


…and there was the usual amount of goldfinches (cunningly keeping just out of focus).


I was pleased to see a couple of greenfinches in the plum tree….


…and more pleased when the came down for a seed or two.


There always seemed to be a possibility of rain but when it was still dry at midday,  I went off for a walk leaving Mrs Tootlepedal to decorate the tree.

I didn’t have to look too hard to see a dipper at the water’s edge as I walked along Elizabeth Street.


And there were plenty of mallards at the Meeting of the Waters.


The rivers had gone down quite a lot since last night….


…but there was still plenty of water coming down the Ewes as I looked across to the Castleholm.

My walk took me along the top of the woods above the Lodge Walks and I got a good view of Whita Hill on my way….


…and the brown sheep of the family got a good look at me.

Brown sheep

There was a nip in the wind and the path had a wintery feel about it…..

Pathhead track

…but I was well wrapped up and, from time to time, there was even a little ray of sunshine…

Pathhead track

…which was very welcome.

Castleholm road

I looked about as I went and saw some fungus on a pile of wood chips…


….and one or two trees…



…but I didn’t dilly dally too long because in spite of the occasional patch of blue sky, there was always a threat of rain and in the end, I got home just as the rain started to come down.  Good timing.

Mrs Tootlepedal had made a splendid job of the tree.

Christmas tree

My newspaper had provided me with a testing holiday crossword puzzle and this was just thing to help to pass a dark and gloomy afternoon.

We had a very light tea as we have got some serious eating to do tomorrow and then settled down to some quality sofa testing.

The plant of the day is a fern garden half way up a tree which I saw on my walk….

tree ferns

…and the flying bird is a chaffinch, glimpsed in the morning gloom.

flying chaffinch

Can I take this opportunity to wish any reader who has got this far down the post a very happy Christmas and a prosperous and cheerful New Year.  I am very grateful as always to those who take the time to read these meanderings and look at the pictures, with especial thanks to those who take the time to add their valued comments.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

40 thoughts on “T’was the night before Christmas

  1. Loved the robin and the leafless trees. It’s been a pleasure to read your blog each day and admire the excellent pictures with which you garnish your text.

  2. Season’s greetings to Mr and Mrs Tootlebogs. Blogs are eagerly anticipated and unfailingly enjoyable.

      1. It’s just starting to get mean. If I have my wits bout me tomorrow morning, I’ll send you a picture!

  3. HUMBUG! However I may partake a morsel of the peace and goodwill. To be taken daily to the bosom of family, is of itself, an act of charity. I thank you good sir, for I enjoy my daily dose. My best to you, and those you love.contributors.readers, one and ALL

  4. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family from all the cats and crew here!

    A beautiful Christmas Eve walk, and I always love the photos from your outings. The fern garden decorating the old tree in Christmas green is a welcome sight. We see those a lot here, being a damp climate except for the summer season. Our native maple here is called Big Leaf (Acer macrophyllum) and is often seen covered with members of the Forests of Lilliput.

  5. Love the Robin and the Greenfinches – funny the Greenfinches remind me more of our goldfinches than yours do. The sheep is priceless. And you have all that green in the middle of winter… I am putting Scotland on my list of places to visit.

  6. Wonderful post and photos, Tom! I always love your robin captures, and your Christmas Robin did one fine pose for you. I also enjoyed seeing the Christmas tree in place and decorated for another year, what a wonderful tradition you do. Happy Holidays to you and Mrs. T!

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