Not very bright today

Canadian snow

Just to remind myself not to complain too much about the weather, today’s guest picture is another of Mary Jo’s Canadian snowscapes.  Just thinking about clearing a drive in these conditions makes my back hurt.

Canadian snow

Although Dropscone complained that it was cold outside when he came round for coffee (bringing traditional Friday treacle scones with him), it was actually just about 10°C and very warm for the time of year.  However, it was exceedingly grey and gloomy and it felt cold even if it wasn’t.

The scones went down a treat.

It was such a grey day that I only had the camera in my hand for a grand total of 3 minutes all day and it was lucky that this coincided with one of the few busy moments at the feeder.

Some birds stood very still for me.

chaffinch and goldfinch

Others flitted about in an unhelpful way.


After catching a final pose from a bird who appears to have been swimming…


…I gave up and went out to pick a leek and then came in and made some soup with it.

In the afternoon, Mrs Tootlepedal went off shopping and I put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database and then made some batter for crumpets.

Mike Tinker came in for a cup of tea while I was battering the batter.  I was testing out using an electric beater rather than a wooden spoon for the job and on the whole, I think that battering the batter with a beater made for a bit better sort of batter.

Mrs Tootlepedal returned and with her assistance, I made a set of crumpets.  It is a messy and drawn out business and although the crumpets turned out well, looking not bad and tasting good, we agreed that it was probably more trouble than it was worth.  Still, if we get another day as grey and miserable as this one was, I might get bored enough to try again.

There seems to be going to be one more very dull day to round the old year off and then the new year is set to start off on a brighter note so I will look forward to that.

While I was peering through the gloom, a glint of yellow caused my shutter finger to twitch so here is the best I could do for a flying bird of the day.

flying goldfinch

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21 thoughts on “Not very bright today

  1. I was also amused by the abundance of alliteration! And I’ll add a vote for stepping things up another notch and using a stand mixer to get better batter. I used to be a die-hard wooden spoon advocate, but have since jumped camps. (p.s. another 10 cm of snow today, but very fluffy stuff, thankfully)

  2. Though I doubt I’ll ever make one it’s good to know that beating makes a better batter. I’ll file that knowledge under maybe.
    We only got about 5 inches of snow last night but our landscape looks a lot like that in your guest picture.
    We’re having a few gray days too but since I haven’t had time to get a camera going they haven’t been a problem.

      1. I suppose it’s all in the getting used to it, but 5 inches of snow here is little more than a nuisance. I think the latest storm is the 4th one to bring around 5-7 inches of snow. No real whoppers yet.

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