Chain deaction


Today’s guest picture comes from Sandy, who knows that I like bridges and took this shot at Leaderfoot on his way north.  The viaduct is hard to beat for beauty.


We had a very reasonable day of weather today and my plan was to hang around for a short while after breakfast to catch a flying bird or two at the feeder and then to put in some good mileage on my newly cleaned and lubricated bicycle.

I did the hanging around but for some strange reason, there was not a single bird to be seen at the feeder so in the end I went off on the bike after a couple of slices of bread and honey and a cup of coffee.  I was  hoping for better luck and some interesting things to photograph on my way.

It wasn’t to be a day that went to plan at all though as after a meagre 14 miles, my chain snapped and I was left powerless just outside Eaglesfield.  Proper cyclists have a cunning tool and a spare chain link in their back pocket for just such an emergency but after many thousands of miles without a chain problem, I had become complacent and had no such help with me.

This called for the Mrs Tootlepedal Rescue Service and I am happy to report that it was prompt and efficient.

While the MTRS was on its way I walked back into the village, crossing the Kirtle water on my way.

Kirtle water
It was looking very peaceful but I was impressed by the mole activity on the bank.

I passed a very symmetrical gate…

Eaglesfield gate
It was annoying that it was such a perfect day for cycling

…went through the village and found a convenient wall to lean the bike on while I admired a fine tree across the road.

Eaglesfield tree

Then I admired the varied lichen on the wall…

lichen on wall

…checked out the moss there too…

moss on wall

…took in another tree across the road…

eaglesfield tree

…and happily the MTRS arrived and we went home.

The birds had returned to the garden by lunch time so I did a bit of chaffinch staring.

They approached the feeder with their full attention engaged….

chaffinch approaching feeder
Steady does it!
chaffinch approaching feeder
Flaps down.
chaffinch approaching feeder
Oh poops!

I had thought of going for a walk in the afternoon to make up for the lack of cycling but the weather was so friendly that Attila the Gardener had sprung into action on a large berberis which needed a severe reduction and it only seemed right, since she had helped me earlier, that I should help her now.  I even got into the act as an amateur Attila and did a bit of slash and burn myself. Well, to be honest, it was more of a snip and shred than slash and burn but between us, the berberis got very seriously shorter.

By the time that we had finished, the best part of the day had gone too and although it was only half past three, the light had completely faded under thick clouds so I gave up any idea of a walk and sat quietly at home minding my own business.

I was actually trying once more to learn one of the choir songs… vain.

In the evening, Mike and Alison came round and Alison and I enjoyed some playing which went as well as two people who hadn’t practised enough deserved. It was still good fun though and cheered me up at the end of a day which had been less exciting than I had hoped.

The flying bird of the day is one of the chaffinches.

flying chaffinch

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29 thoughts on “Chain deaction

  1. It was fortunate for you that the chain didn’t break last week when the MTRS wasn’t available. On the positive side, the photos that you shot while waiting to be rescued were excellent, I loved them all.

  2. The viaduct is indeed a beauty and a great one to walk over too ( thanks Google!) On the bright side of your unplanned rest in the countryside, your photos were wonderful. A bit of aggressive gardening is a great way of releasing some pent up frustrations at …bike chains.

  3. MTRS is a very valuable service!

    The moss and lichens are beautiful. Here, they are swollen with rain now, although they may get rudely frozen tonight if the weather prediction is accurate.

  4. Oh, I had always thought of you as a very seriously proper cyclist, but luckily the MTRS worked well, and you got some nice pictures as a bonus.

    1. No, I am just a dabbler in the world of serious cycling. I don’t wear black cycling gear, I haven’t bought a newer speedier bike for over ten years, I don’t shave my legs and I am polite to pedestrians so I hardly count as a cyclist at all, merely a push bike enthusiast.

    1. I try to apply that idea to the prevailing wind but sadly the hills all go both up and down here so your scheme is impossible. Nice thought though.

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