Another pedal, another tootle

Arkleton Loch

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my former colleague Ada and shows a very pretty view of Arkleton Lochan.  (She should come to the Camera Club if she has more pictures like this one.)

Arkleton Loch

It was a cold and mean day today and I resisted the temptation to go up to the Moorland Feeders with Sandy with less sadness than I might have felt on a better day.  I had things to do instead such as getting some fresh air into the car’s tyres and then going down to Longtown and fetching my fairly speedy bike after its service.

I did find a moment or two to look out of the window but the birds and I were out of sync and when I picked up a camera, they weren’t there.

Well, mostly they weren’t there and when they were there, my timing was off.


Though I caught a pair of chaffinches in the end.

chaffinches landing
His and hers landing styles

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal drove off to Lockerbie to catch a train to visit Matilda and I put on my thickest cycling gear and gave the newly serviced bike a test run down to Canonbie and back.  It was a theoretical 4°C but a biting east wind made it feel colder and I didn’t stop much on the way round as just taking off the gloves to get the camera out made my fingers go numb.  I did take a well bent tree…

tree at Tarcoon

…and I stopped three miles from home to watch in dismay as a sheet of snow threatened to engulf Whita.

snow at Whita

I was expecting a miserable end to my ride but curiously, the snow stayed away from the road until the last hundred metres and I got home dry.

The snow didn’t amount to much, being very dry and powdery so I walked round the garden to see if there was any colour.  There wasn’t much to see and the light was poor anyway.

winter jasmine
Possibly the last flower on our winter jasmine


In the evening, Susan arrived and we went off to play recorders with our group in Carlisle for only the second time this year.  We were a bit rusty but we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening with J S Bach, J C Bach, Haydn, Byrd and Scott Joplin among others providing us with music to play.

We are in for a spell of cold east winds so this might limit my enthusiasm for wandering around taking pictures.  We shall see.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.

flying chaffinch

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24 thoughts on “Another pedal, another tootle

  1. What an eclectic repertoire your recorder group has! Glad your snow held off, and hope the cold isn’t too bad. We had a -38 windchill this morning, and an expected high of 1 tomorrow – go figure!

    1. I always feel a bit guilty moaning about the cold here when I know it is a mere flea bite compared with the savage snarls of your winter but I moan all the same as you will have noticed. Wrap up well!

  2. Winter jasmine brings back memories. I once cut one back for one of my customers and used a couple of the pieces (about 3″ diameter) as markers in the new veg patch. You can guess the rest.

  3. Glad you didn’t have to ride through snow, though they do it all the time here on bikes with wide soft tires that I don’t know the name of.
    I liked the tilted tree and it’s nice to see a primrose in February. We had quite a lot of snow here today so any hint of springtime is welcome.

    1. Those bikes may be made by Surly who make bikes with wide tyres. We don’t have enough snow and ice to make buying specialised equipment at all worthwhile though some people use these bikes for riding on beaches and dunes.
      We are only getting the tiniest hint of spring so far.

  4. Although very chilly here today I can’t really complain when I read through the above comments and see what others around the world are enduring! Love the bent tree photo and the pretty primrose.

  5. Brrr! We’ve been cold too and I can feel it through your pictures, except for the flowers. You have the chaffinches down to a fine art.

  6. It is easy to tell which direction the prevailing winds come from in the bent tree photo. Glad the snow held off until you got home.

    That is a nice photo from Ada.

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