Absolute certainty

Regents park 15.03.17 001

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s visit to Regents Park.

Regents park 15.03.17 001

One absolute certainty of the day was that it was raining. It was raining in the morning, it was raining the afternoon, it was raining at supper time.

As it was quite windy too, the other certainty was that I wasn’t going anywhere further than the corner shop.

I was therefore more than usually pleased to welcome Dropscone with his traditional Friday treacle scones to share a morning cup of coffee or two.

After he left, I found useful things to do like putting another week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database and catching up on my correspondence.   I also found entertaining things to do like a tricky crossword and looking out of the window. Once again, it would have been all too easy to spend all day looking out of the window as the birds provided a constant source of interest.

It started with chaffinches…..


The plum tree had about thirty perched on its branches…

plum tree chaffinches

…and there were often over twenty five on the ground under the feeders

ground chaffinches

There were also plenty of goldfinches….


…and then there were the siskins too.

They were very much on the level today

To add a touch of variety, we were visited by a male brambling looking at his very finest.


Sadly he didn’t stay long.

We also saw a sparrow on the feeder.


Considering how many sparrows there are about on neighbour’s hedges and feeders and even on bushes in our own garden, it is strange how few come to visit our feeders in early spring.

The action was continuous all day and I filled the feeders twice.

Busy feeder

It wasn’t hard to catch a flying bird today as there were flying birds on all sides.

Flying chaffinch
Chaffinch furled
flying chaffinch
Chaffinch unfurled
Flying siskin
Siskin in between

Sometimes there were too many to take in at once.

Flying siskins

The siskins like to hang upside down while waiting for a spare perch…

hanging siskin

…but they eat a lot when they get the chance.

Eating siskin.

Did I mention that it rained a lot?

When I wasn’t staring out of the window I was practising my flute and putting choir songs on the computer so in spite of the rotten weather, I didn’t entirely waste the day.

In the evening, we were joined by Mike and Alison and a bit more music helped ease the pain of the rain.

The flying bird of the day is one of the chaffinch flock.  This one was the angriest of them all.

flying chaffinch

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27 thoughts on “Absolute certainty

    1. It is going down rather rapidly at the moment. I have had a very quiet winter though, using much less than usual so ‘swings and roundabouts’ applies.

  1. Wonderful variety of birds. House Sparrows seem quite fixed in their ways, we rarely saw them on the feeders at the farm, even though they hung around by the barns that were only 50 yards away.

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