Modified rapture

Annie's radishes

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie’s allotment.  She has been growing radishes.

Annie's radishes

We had a very windy day here in North Berwick today but it stayed dry and it wasn’t too cold in the morning even when it was cloudy. The sun soon came out and it turned into another lovely day.

I started the day with a trudge out to the edge of the town to visit a garage in the hope that they would agree to look at my sick car.  The walk was well worth it, as they agreed to take on the task and soon had the car towed away from the car park where it had been glumly resting since Saturday.

“It’s probably a sensor fault.” the mechanic said as he hitched up the car to the tow truck. “These petrol cars are usually pretty simple to fix.”

It turned out that in this case there were complications and the fuel tank will have to be removed and a fuel pump checked and replaced if necessary.  We may see the car again on Thursday but it will be ready for us when we go back to Langholm, which is the main thing.

Much cheered by having the whole matter in good hands, I enjoyed my breakfast when I got back and later on, we all went out with Matilda to visit the local play park.  We played in the park and then we hit the High Street ….

North Berwick High Street

…in search of coffee.  North Berwick High Street is a happening place even on a Monday in early May so we had no difficulty in finding a suitable cafe.

Needless to say, the sun started to come out as soon as we left the park and we passed a delightful bench, were I sat for a moment while some shopping was going on.

North Berwick

After coffee, the others headed directly for the flat and I made a detour to the sea front on my way.

North Berwick
I don’t think that I have ever seen such a symmetrical beach with waves

Although that looked quite calm, there were stormier waters on the rocks at the harbour.

North Berwick harbour rocks

As I walked home, the waves were not big but they were frequent.

North Berwick waves

While Matilda went for her afternoon nap and her parents took a well earned rest, Mrs Tootlepedal and I took a stroll along the sea shore to the east of the town.

We stared by walking along path beside a sheltered wall where a local group had planted a batch of delightful flowers.

North Berwick waves

The pick of the bunch was a stunningly blue ceanothus.

North Berwick ceonothus

The strong winds and the strong light made taking flower pictures a bit tricky but the picture does give a suggestion of how beautiful this plant was.

When we got to the sea shore, the tide was still high and the waves must have been washing something tasty onto the shore because the gulls were interested…


…very interested indeed.


I was more interested in the swirling seas and the Bass Rock in the background.

north berwick

Our walk took us along the top of the cliffs beside the sea, following a path beside a golf course.

We saw quiet corners…

Glen bay

…wild flowers…

Glen bay wild flowers

…lots of eider ducks…

eider ducks

…gannets cruising the waves and fishing…


…fairways, tees and greens…

golf course North berwick

…and of course the ever present Bass Rock.

Our path passed quiet inlets…

North Berwick

…and turbulent rocks….

North Berwick

North Berwick

We could hardly have had a better walk.

And of course, if we lifted our eyes from the shore, there was the Bass Rock, glittering in the sun.

Bass Rock

It has to be remembered though that all that glitters is not gold.  In this case…

Bass Rock

…it is innumerable layers of bird poo.

Mrs Tootlepedal was particularly taken with a spot where the sea was coming round the rocks from two different sides.

North Berwick

When we got to the far end of the golf course, the path ran out and we returned by the way we had come.  I had to lock my camera in my pocket to stop me taking another hundred views on the way back.

I got the news about the car when we returned and Alistair kindly drove Mrs Tootlepedal and me to the garage where we recovered our bicycles from the back of the car and  cycled back to the flat.

In between all this activity, there was a lot of snap, pelmanism, playing with balloons and other assorted fun with Matilda.

I was quite tired by the time that evening came.

The tidbits that the gulls were picking up gave me the opportunity to catch no less than four flying birds of the day.

flying gulls

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22 thoughts on “Modified rapture

  1. I loved all the foaming sea pictures especially where rocks were concerned. What a wonderful walk you took. Glad the car will be mended before you go home, rather a long way to cycle especially with luggage!

  2. What a gorgeous day and a beautiful place to document it. Sorry you’ were having car problems but you certainly made the best of it. The seashore is gorgeous, and the guano rock, well, amazing.

  3. The ceanothus is amazing, both for its beautiful color and the number of blossoms on it.
    The beach and ocean waves are nice to see. Someday I’ve got to make the two hour drive to our seashore.
    I think I recognize a fleabane and maybe a poppy but the other flowers are a mystery.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful tour around the seaside, perfect with wave action, birds and gorgeous flowers! I would have needed a sturdier lock for my camera than a pocket button:)

  5. Radishes worthy of a prize – they look too good to eat! An amazing holiday destination with everything looking interesting and quite beautiful- love all the photos. Hope you have a paddle one day with Matilda!

  6. I echo Clare’s sentiments regarding a beautiful tour and excellent photos. You answered my question as to what the white encrustation is on Bass Rock. I wonder if the guano was ever mined for fertilizer in years past?

    1. The birds were hunted and eaten by the inhabitants and when we were young before humans were taken off the rock, it was quite green with relatively few gannets.

  7. Getting chance to catch up with you Tom, your holiday photos are splendid. I love that Bass Rock and have been enjoying the different compositions your doing with it! 🙂

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