The wheels on the bus go round and round

Today’s guest picture shows the church at Kirkton of Rayne in Aberdeenshire.  The picture was taken by my friend Bruce and was of special interest to him and his wife because her great- great-uncle was minister there from 1875 to 1909.

Kirkton of Rayne

I got up early again and put another week of the newspaper index into the database and have now caught up on the pile of outstanding weeks lying on my desk.  There will doubtless be a good many more lying in the Archive centre and I will get round to those soon.  The early starts to the day have gone well and I shall try to continue this practice in coming weeks.  It is much easier to get up earlier when the mornings are light.

After breakfast, Mrs Tootlepedal and I went up to the Moorland Project bird feeders where Mrs Tootlepedal had the pleasure of watching both male and female hen harriers quartering the moor through her binoculars while I filled the feeders (as a substitute for Sandy who is in Greece) and had a look at what was about from the hide.

There was very little about at all.  In fact I don’t think that I have ever seen fewer birds on the feeders.

There were a few siskins….


…a distant woodpecker…


…a blackbird hoping for time off for good behaviour….


…and an ingenious pheasant.


I don’t know where all the other birds are at all.

When we got home, I had a walk round the garden to look at irises.

There was no shortage.





I nodded to the lupins which are looking well…


…checked out the first of the Sweet Williams round the front lawn…

sweet william
They are very bright!

…saluted my favourite flower….


…and went inside to practise songs and get ready to go to Edinburgh to visit Matilda.

The trip to Edinburgh went very well.

We walked down from the station….

Waverley Station

…which is in the heart of the city.

We looked down on a scene of great peace just behind the bustling Royal Mile….

Edinburgh burial ground

….peered through the trees at Arthur’s Seat…

Arthur's seat
It was looking a bit rusty as the gorse goes over

…and arrived to rousing welcome as we approached the house.

sheehy huttons at home

Matilda was in sparkling form and took us to the park to practise our football skills.  We also played on almost all the play equipment…

Matilda in the park

…although home-made fun was the best.


Although it threatened to rain, it didn’t and we got back to the house in time to play many games of Pelmanism and snap before an excellent tea of macaroni cheese.

The hours and minutes flew by and it was soon time for us to go back to catch our train home.  We were in plenty of time and all would have gone very well if there had actually been a train for us to catch.  Alas, for the second time in recent months, our train was cancelled and we had to be transported to Lockerbie by coach.  This adds an hour and bit to the trip and this delay is why I am sprinting through this post as quickly as I can to get it done before midnight.

Although long, the journey was painless and we got home safely.

I did get a fuzzy flying siskin of the day when I was at the Moorland feeders.

Flying siskin

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21 thoughts on “The wheels on the bus go round and round

  1. Your irises are wonderful shades of blue and the last one in close up is almost too good to be true! So sorry about the long bus ride home in the evening though, what a bore.

    1. The train was very annoying as it was caused by lack of staff to run the train. That looks like cheapskating on the part of the railway company.

  2. The irises are always such a pleasure to see, as well as the birds at the Moorland feeders. The pheasant is a determined fellow!

    A wonderful welcome from Matilda and her mother and father. I see a shiny, new bike for her in the not too distant future.

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