Tired and emotional

Devon wall

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie who is in Devon where they make walls in their own particular way.

Devon wall

I was expecting to retire to bed at my usual time last night and to get up in the morning to be greeted by what would be, from my point of view at least, a rather depressing election result but we turned on the the telly late in the evening to get the exit poll result and it was so unexpected that I found myself still sitting glued to the telly seven hours later at 5.30 in the morning.

Mrs Tootlepedal had cracked and gone off at 3.30 but I stayed up until the final result was almost certain.  For those interested in this sort of thing, I chiefly watched the ITV election coverage and it was excellent; calm, with no gimmicks, with excellent guests and with a pleasingly light and un-portentous touch….and much to my surprise for a commercial channel, with no interruptions for advertisements all night.

As far as the results went, my feelings were mixed.  On the whole though, I am quite pleased that the results both in Scotland and the UK in general look as though they might force politicians to pay a little more attention to the voters and a little less to their own MPs, financial backers and media barons so that should be a good thing.  Readers of the blog from abroad can have no notion of how truly terrible much of the British press is, with no commitment to balance, truth, fairness or even the well being of its readers. If this election has knocked a little bit off the influence of the press barons, that can only be a good thing.

Anyway, getting up after only three hours sleep meant that I have been a bit tired and emotional today and I even turned down the chance of treacle scones as I was still in my dressing gown at coffee time and, in the end, only got dressed after lunch.

When I did get dressed, it was into my cycling clothes though and I went out for a 27 mile gentle spin up and down the road to Cleuchfoot in a brisk wind, stopping for photo opportunities.

There was still plenty of water in the Wauchope……

bessie bell's cascade wauchope water
My favourite cascade

…and in the Bigholms Burn too.

Bigholms Burn and Logan Water
Bigholms Burn joining Logan Water

When I went down to see the cascade at Bessie Bell’s, I passed a small group of friends hobnobbing.

flower with flies
A popular meeting spot

The wind  wasn’t quite as strong as two days ago and I got a better shot of a wild iris as a result.

wild iris

This little ride took me over 2000 miles for the year and in spite of a very light cycling month in June so far, I am on schedule for my annual target.

When I got home, Mrs Tootlepedal was at work in the garden and I took a walk round to look at the results of her work.

The pale peonies are just getting going.



And there are more still to come.

I had fun looking at irises.



And the weigela.


The honeysuckle is looking good this year….


…and it is a good place to look for bees.

honeysuckle with bee

…of which there were a lot more to be heard and seen in the garden today.

bee on lupin

This one was on the lupins by the front lawn.

They have really enjoyed the weather this year

A combination of roses and philadelphus in a corner makes not just for a pretty picture but a good smell too.

rose and philadelphus

In spite of the heavy rain yesterday, the flowers seemed undaunted today and everything was looking strong and healthy.

astrantia, clovery thing and sweet william

A little yellow allium has arrived on the edge of the front lawn.


I popped in and out of the house to check on the progress, or lack of it, of Andy Murray in the  French Open tennis and was sad but not surprised to see him fade away in the fifth set against the excellent Stan Wawrinka.

When things on court were going badly, I consoled myself with the promise of treats to come…


…and the sight of flying floral tadpoles.


My view is that I shall sleep well tonight as I am getting too old for late nights now and I am feeling distinctly tired as I type this.

The flying bird of the day are two oyster catchers on the Logan Water trying to see the political situation from both sides.

oyster catchers

Note: I know that they are not flying birds but we are living in a post truth world these days.  They are however probably more strong and stable than some people I know.

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26 thoughts on “Tired and emotional

  1. Mmmm, just smell that philadelphus!
    You stayed up half an hour longer than I did, but I woke up before 7, most annoyingly. And I watched the BBC coverage. I must at least dip into ITV next time – which I hope will be a long way off, but fear will not be. I couldn’t count the miles I tramped and the doorsteps I visited over the last three months in this and the county council elections…

    1. My fundamental answer would be that Rupert Murdoch happened and that he has had a really baleful influence both in the UK and USA without ever having to answer for what he has done.

  2. The photos are very uplifting, my favorites being the yellow flag iris and the peonies. Politics and news coverage in general is very depressing these days. The rabbit hole we have all fallen down is rather crowded now. I can’t turn the radio on these days, but my better half is addicted to the news, such that it is.

  3. I hope Donald was watching too. It’s a sign of what will come his way one day, unless of course he’s impeached first.
    The purple and white iris is a beautiful thing, and so are those lupines.
    That’s a very strange stone wall. I think I can see how it was built but I’m not sure how it stands.

    1. I assumed that the wall builders were drunk when they built it and were lying on their sides. It does seem to defy the laws of physics. Mt daughter tells me it is a common local style of wall building.

  4. Water in the Wauchope, bees in the garden, oyster catchers on a rock. All’s right with the world then. Treacle scones tomorrow.

  5. I hope by the time you see this you are well-rested and the world is looking brighter. I am an utter ostrich when it comes to the news; after years of being totally disillusioned I decided if I can’t do anything to fix the problem I didn’t need to know. Uninformed – true; but on the whole happy 🙂

  6. Gripping stuff, I sat up too. Your photographs of the Wauchope cascade and the close ups of the irises were beautiful. I can’t see any future for the muddle we are now in and despair of Theresa May handling anything with common sense.

  7. That is some wall! We have lots of stone walls in Maine, one is even by our house, but nothing like that. My husband and I were very much interested in the election “across the pond” and were heartened by the results. Let’s just say it’s not much fun living in a post-truth country where alternative facts are given with no thought to the truth.

    1. Thank you for taking an interest in our domestic problems. In general, I ma a lot less depressed than I was earlier in the week when I was very depressed indeed.

  8. Stayed awake most of the night either in front of the television or with the radio. Most unexpected and interesting results.
    The honeysuckle looks good. Well done for bicycling after so little sleep.

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