A waiting game


Today’s guest picture is the last from our son Tony’s visit to Anstruther.  He found a new friend crawling about there.


My new Lumix has arrived so it was a bit annoying to find that the forecast was quite right and we had a very gloomy, cool, windy and wet day today, not at all suitable for trying the camera out.  By the time that the rain had got bored and stopped, the light had gone.

It was not a day for cycling or golf either so it was lucky that Dropscone and I had scones and coffee to pass the time in the morning.  I had a little strawberry jam on my scones but Dropscone is a purist and doesn’t like to mar the beauty of his scones with additives.

When he left, the rain eased off for long enough for me to go to the corner shop to pay my bill and then take a quick walk round the garden.

The new camera did its best.

wet rose
A wet rose
wet rose
Another wet rose
wet iris
A wet iris

I think that that says all you need to know about the day and I wasn’t unhappy to have a quiet day inside after some quite energetic days recently.

I used the time to make soup, bread and another couple of jars of strawberry jam and I also stewed a few more thinnings from the gooseberry bush.

When I wasn’t doing that, I had a crossword and the new camera’s manual to puzzle over as well as plenty of music to practise so I wasn’t bored at all.

Yesterday the forecast said it was going to rain every day for the next ten days but today it says it is hardly going to rain at all for the next ten days so I am going to keep my fingers crossed and believe today’s forecast and hope to be able to give my new camera an outing shortly.

I should say that we had the first turnips of the year from the garden with our tea tonight.  They were very sweet and tasty.

No flying or sitting birds or bees today, just another soggy flower.

ornamental clover

End Note:  I have just passed my seventh anniversary of posting pretty well every day and have now notched up 2559 posts so I would like  to take this opportunity to thank the patient and kindly people who have been fellow passengers for all or part of this long journey, with particular thanks for those who have been there from the start and those who have found time to post comments.  It is always interesting for me to read them.

It is a curious fact that many more people sign up as followers of a blog than actually read it so although just over 5000 people (or robots) have signed up as followers, the actual daily number of visitors is normally just over 100 and as not every reader visits every day, the regular readership might be between 100 and 200 people.

I am always very touched when people tell me that they enjoy reading the posts and/or looking at the pictures, because I have really enjoyed both writing the posts and learning how to use a camera (up to a point) to illustrate them.

As a result of writing the blog, I have naturally found myself reading many other people’s blogs on a regular basis and this has greatly added to my general  enjoyment, my appreciation of photography and my knowledge of both nature and life in many parts of the world.

I would also like to thank most warmly all those who have contributed guest pictures of the day over the years.  My brother Andrew and sister Mary, who have contributed countless excellent photos, get a special mention here.

Here’s to the next seven years, if spared.




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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

60 thoughts on “A waiting game

  1. Love the wet flowers, I’m lucie-Anne’s sister(Canada) I live in Balloch Inverness, hope to get a photo to you sometime, would have trouble keeping up with you though .

    1. A few Highland pictures would be very welcome. We used to live in Roy Bridge, Inverness-shire when we got married and I love your part of the country.

  2. Happy Anniversary and may I add my wishes for many more to come! I also wondered if there might be other readers like myself that read this blog when it arrives as an email message. I suspect the readership numbers might not include us? Your pictures are wonderful, and a day is not complete until I’ve read your blog. Thank you!

    1. WordPress tells me that I have eighty email followers but it doesn’t say how many of them actually read the posts or if it counts whether people open them or not. Interesting point,

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful seven year ‘ride’! I really like your writing and pictures… and come here as often as I can. Here’s to the next seven!

  4. The most impressive thing is that you post so regularly – I have a lot of trouble organising myself to do that.

    Is it my imagination or does the new camera have more saturated colour? The iris is really rich in colour.

    Good luck with the next seven years. 🙂

    1. The new camera may well be taking HDR pictures behind my back. I will have to find out how to stop it doing that as I don’t want it all the time.

  5. Congratulations on 7 years of blogging. I think we started at about the same time but two posts per week is all I’ve ever been able to manage, so I admire your ability to post daily. I really don’t know how you do it.
    The thing I like most about your blog is how it reminds me each day that a rich life has absolutely nothing to do with money.

    1. I think that your observation is very true with the caveat that some money is always helpful when it comes to buying cameras and not starving.

      I have learned a lot from reading your posts and look a lot more closely at things than I ever did before so you must take a lot of credit for many of my pictures.

      1. Thank-you. You are most kind. Yes, we are well but busy with all sorts of busyness! I am hoping to post something in the next few days if I can find an hour or two!

  6. Happy 7th blogging anniversary, and I hope you have another 7 years, at least! I look forward to stopping by here.

    The new Lumix does an outstanding job, as do you. The photos are very beautiful.

  7. Congratulations on seven years of doing one of my top three favorite blogs! I know that you’re retired, but there are times that just reading about all that you’ve done in a day tires me out, I don’t know how you find the time to shoot so many great photos and fit everything else in too. I’m looking forward to many more years of your photos, stories, and wit!

    1. When you retire, you will soon find that the days open up and offer all sorts of opportunities. The done side is that as you grow older, time seems to whizz past ever more quickly. No sooner is it spring than it seems to be autumn again and summer has disappeared with hardly a trace.

  8. Interesting that I had to read your blog to find out that my friend Lucie’s sister’s name was spelled with an i”, and not the “y” I’ve always envisioned! I admire your consistency in posting – it’s a major commitment, especially when you post both photos and text. There must be days that you want to head off to bed without posting anything, but I’m glad you manage to do it!

  9. Happy Anniversary Tom! Your blog is very entertaining and amusing because you touch many subjects such as family, locations, plants, flowers, gates, birds, bridges, bicycles, scones and I should not forget compost. All these well illustrated with colorful pictures. You’re a great blogger my friend. Cheers! 🙂

  10. “a rich life has absolutely nothing to do with money”: I endorse that and love the way you make an ordinary day seem extraordinary!

  11. Beautiful wet roses.
    Well done indeed for so much care and consistency in blogging over the 7 years. Always a pleasure to see your pictures interspersed with witty and interesting commentary.

  12. congrats on 7 years! We heard earlier this week that we’d managed 8 years on WordPress and were pleasantly surprised. We most certainly don’t manage a post a day though 😉 Love your blog, your photos and your humour — here indeed to the next 7 years…

  13. Your dry, wry, funny tootlepedalisms will ensure my readership for another seven years and beyond. As for that iris…I thought the last one I commented on was gorgeous!

    1. It is nice to think the our mutual posts go more or less exactly half way round the world so together we put a girdle round the world and in a lot less than forty minutes.

  14. Hear, hear for New Hampshire Garden Solutions observation that “a rich life has absolutely nothing to do with money.” I am a new reader of your blog, but I wouldn’t miss a day of it. Among other things, I am so inspired by your biking. May you write many more years!.

  15. Congratulations on your blog’s 7th anniversary. I am sorry I don’t manage to read all your posts but when I do pop in on your happenings I too am inspired by your creativity, humor, diligence and gorgeous photography. And the singing and the playing and I could go on. Looks to me like you have the new Lumix completely figured out already.

  16. Don’t know how many followers you have from Seattle, but I am one of them. I read your blog every day. Started reading your post when my gardner (Skyler of Tangly Cottage) recommended you because I was planning a hiking trip to the Lakes District. I’m not a biker but appreciate the challenges you are meeting. I’m not a birder but love seeing all of your feathered friends. I’m not a gardner but enjoy your pictures of Attilla the Gardner’s devoted work. And I’m not into photography (iphone works swell for me), but the pictures you take when you’re out and about are breathtaking. As a grandparent, I marvel at how restrained you are at posting pictures of the darling Matilda. And, lastly, I value your daily reminders that a life well-lived should include some humor…and good grammar! I’m looking forward to Year #8.

  17. Very impressive, seven years, wow!! Congratulations. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, learning about your beautiful corner of the world, your garden, Mrs T’s incredible green thumb, and of course, your beautiful granddaughter. While I don’t get a chance to visit as often these days as in the past, I do look forward to your blog. Here’s to another seven!! ~SueBee

  18. I am one of those who has lost touch a bit with blogging (in terms of reading) due to all sorts of circumstances. Having subscribed to too many blogs, I began to feel overwhelmed … anyway, it is a gift, almost like a meditative gift, to read your thoughts, see your wonderful photos, and absorb your quiet wisdom. I am so grateful to you.

    1. Like you I find it easy to feel overwhelmed by reading blogs as there is so much interesting stuff out there so it is an honour if you find mine worth a look Julie.

  19. As I told you once, even if many times I don’t have time to write comments/I don’t know the proper words or I think it might be annoying for you to read again “nice pictures/beautiful pictures etc”…
    But I enjoy your photos, especially those of birds, landscapes and flowers.

    Thank you for sharing with us all these beautiful photos and stories.

  20. Yours is my tip top favourite blog. As you know, I save up a couple of weeks worth to read because I so enjoy the comments. It was fun to see the one above from my friend Lorna. I’ll make sure she knows you asked about her hike. She did go to the Lakes District.

  21. Forgot to say: I read up on how WordPress stats work. If someone subscribes by email, and they read the full post in their email without clicking onto the blog, it does not count as a visit. There is a way to make them click over to the blog, something to do with inserting a “read more” link… too much trouble for me to figure out till winter. So you assuredly have more visitors than it seems.

    1. I have seen the ‘read more’ tags on various posts and it is sometimes an invitation to skip to the next read so perhaps I won’t try using it. Interesting to find that email readers don’t count as visitors though unless they click through. Thank you.

      1. I have pretty much decided to not make anyone to jump through a hoop to read my posts. I’m just grateful they read them and then I can tell myself I must have way more readers than I know about. :-D. Plus sometimes it is weird to think of people reading about my life even though I choose to share it.

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