Bad timing

River Trent

After yesterday’s guest picture of boating in Birmingham, my brother’s guest picture for today shows navigation in Nottingham.

River Trent

The best plan for today from a cycling point of view would have been to get out for a ride promptly while the wind was fairly light and the day was fair but unfortunately my other plan was to visit the producers’ market at the Buccleuch Centre to procure, fish, meat honey and coffee.

One plan had to go and the lure of good food won so I went to the producers’ market.

When I got back, the sun was out so instead of getting out on my bike then, I wandered about taking pictures.

Not all the delphiniums were knocked over.
Queen of Denmark
A few flies on the Queen of Denmark even in the morning.
Bobbie James
Bobbie James looking cheerful

In between wandering, I picked a strawberry or two, thinned out some more gooseberries (there are still a tremendous amount on the bush) and considered the middle lawn.

A couple of years ago, I encouraged jackdaws to visit the middle lawn by bribing them with pink pellets.  I had hoped that the resultant bird droppings might help to fertilize the grass.  The results were disappointing as there was no noticeable extra growth in the grass and instead there was a huge increase in the weeds on the lawn.  As a result, I have had to go against my usual practice and consider applying weed and feed.  Today seemed to be a good day, so I did just that and I am now awaiting the results.

After I had finished the foul deed. I went back to look at the flowers to cheer myself up.  I hit a small purple patch.


moss rose

I noticed the the privet under the walnut tree is starting to come out….


…and as they are usually very attractive to bees, I am hoping for new bee pictures from here soon.  Meanwhile, I had to make do with the astrantia which was pulling them in again today.

bee on astrantia
Astrantias must have an inexhaustible supply of pollen. Mind you, they do have a lot of flowers.

We are waiting for the poppies to come out but there is colour on every side in the meantime.


We have a day lily which has been producing flowers far beyond the call of duty but I haven’t been able to produce a photograph which does it justice.  I failed again today but I have put it in anyway.  The camera just doesn’t like the colour of the flowers.

day lily

Finally I had a look at the peonies which have produced a second crop of flowers….


…a very close look….


…and went in to make some lentil soup for lunch.

The sun soon disappeared and the wind got up so instead of cycling after lunch, I trimmed the hedge along the road.  Once again, I abandoned any thought of neat straight lines and aimed for an artistic ripple, necessity being the mother of invention in this case as the underlying fence has sagged badly in places..

front hedge

As I was putting the hedge clipper back, I was distracted by a lot of noise from above.  A large party of starlings were shouting and screaming on the telephone wires above the garden.

starling shouting

They took offence at me when I tried to take a photograph and went off to sit in a holly tree next door.


Then  I once more thought about a pedal but almost immediately, it started to rain so I went back indoors and watched the first stage of the Tour de France on the telly.  It was no consolation to find that it was raining six times as hard in Dusseldorf and poor cyclists were ending up on the ground as they went flying round corners on dangerously skinny tyres.

It is good to know though that there will always be something interesting to watch on the telly if we have a wet afternoon during the next three weeks.

I was still thinking about a late pedal but occasional rain put me off and only when it was too late, did the skies clear and the wind drop.   By that time, I was cooking fish for my tea.

I did get a couple of useful tasks done in the garden and even sieved some compost, though I can’t remember precisely when I did it,  but it was still a rather disappointing day in general and I was glad to see the back of it.  I hope to feel more positive tomorrow.

There is a flying bird picture of the day today.  It shows two of the disputatious starlings making their getaway.

flying starlings




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16 thoughts on “Bad timing

  1. I also think that the image of the bee is a great one! Yellow flowers are hard to photograph well, I’ve been cheating and using Lightroom to reduce the luminosity of the yellow in most of my yellow flower photos. Other than that, there’s nothing else that I could say to improve on you terrific flower images.

  2. That is a lovely bee photo on the astrantia. And your coral/pink peony with the yellow stamens looks a lot like one of mine. Do you know what kind it is?

  3. A beautiful close-up of the bee. The new Lumix does a very nice job! The blue in the delphiniums is a striking shade, and the flower panels are always favorites.

    I am a fan of starlings, and enjoy seeing them, although they are considered an invasive species here.

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