Very thorough

Annie in Paris

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by our daughter Annie along with the comment, “Guess where I am.”  It turns out that it’s not Naples….or Middlesbrough.

Annie in Paris

Wherever it was, it was a lot nicer there than it was here today.  It was raining when we got up and it is still raining, albeit in a rather half hearted way as I write this in the evening and it didn’t stop in between.

Annoyingly the first poppy in a flower bed chose this to be the day to come out…


…so I braved the rain to take a celebratory portrait.

I did go out a couple of times during the day but I was extremely well wrapped up.  Luckily it wasn’t windy so a good umbrella helped.

The dull weather helped me get some tasks that were on my ‘to do’ list onto the ‘have done’ list which was good but otherwise it was a very quiet day indoors.  The Tour de France provided some very restful viewing of attractive French countryside in the sunshine for several hours until the peace was rudely interrupted by an unexpected outbreak of excitement in the last few hundred metres of the stage.

About tea time, the rain eased off to the merest drizzle so I nipped out into the garden  to pick a few gooseberries for stewing and I took a few pictures while I was there.

Raindrops figured largely.

Ligularia with raindrops
Queen of Denmark
The Queen of Denmark with raindrops
Lamb's Ear with a big raindrop
Lamb’s Ear with a big raindrop
wet poppy
The poppy looking the worse for wear
day lily
A rainy day lily

There were flowers without raindrops…


…but not many.

I saw a bird on a wire standing on one leg…

bird on one leg

…as my neighbour Gavin passed the garden, taking advantage of the slackening in the rain to have a short walk.  He said that there wouldn’t be much for me to photograph today and I replied that there were plenty of raindrops and took one more shot of them…

lily with raindrops

…and went in and stewed the gooseberries.

It was such a gloomy and chilly day that I lit the stove.  I am going to start a campaign to bring back summer.

The flying bird of the day was another that had settled on the wire, this time using both feet.



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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

22 thoughts on “Very thorough

  1. The daylily looks better in the rain. I’ll have to try it with my yellow one.
    I haven’t done raindrops in a while either, but I’m in no hurry to try with all the rain we’ve had. I hope you’ll see some sunshine soon.

  2. I think you capture the weathering flowers and nature’s rain/teardrops beautifully. The poppy pic #1, looks like she/he has a cap on to protect, pic #2 looks like a back photo of a poppy-person getting gusted along on its way. Think you are not giving Mother Nature enough credit for your photos what with the accents they provide. =) Your photos are amazing.

  3. I hope that your campaign to bring back summer is successful, even though many of the flowers look lovely with the raindrops on them. But having to light the stove in July is a bit too much.

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