The joy of bread

Great Orme Tramway

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce who has been on holiday in Wales.  I will leave readers to guess where he was.

Great Orme Tramway

After a few pleasant days, we returned to miserable rain today and it was raining steadily almost all morning.

I got out into the garden at a moment when the rain had eased a bit and took two soggy pictures just for the sake of it….


day lily

…and then we left the rain and the clouds and drove south to visit our friend Sue for lunch.

This was a good decision in many ways.

It was raining a lot less hard in Cumbria for a start and Sue’s son Oliver had made the most delicious sour dough bread in a Dutch oven to go with our lunch.

I hadn’t heard of a Dutch oven before and it turned out to be  a cast iron cooking pot with a lid which goes into a standard oven with the bread inside it.   The result was the best sour dough bread that we have ever tasted.

We had grilled chicken and salad to go with the bread and this was followed by a very good looking pudding.

strawberry sponge

There was some discussion as to whether there was enough cream and strawberries on the sponge but after extensive testing, it was declared to be perfect.

We had put our bikes in the back of the car, intending to go for a ride with Sue after lunch but as it was still raining, we decided to let the professionals do the cycling for us and we all sat in comfort while the Tour de France rolled through beautiful sunny French countryside.

The rain had stopped when we left for home and we took a scenic diversion on our way back with some fine views across the Cumbrian countryside.  Needless to say, it started raining again as we got near Langholm.

It stopped for long enough for a quick walk round the garden where I took another pair of soggy pictures to bookend this post.



If you have to put up with a rainy day in the middle of summer, then there are few better ways of spending one than in meeting friends and enjoying good food and good conversation so in spite of the weather, today goes on the credit side of the great ledger of life.

Two endnotes:

  • No flying bird today but those interested can see Sandy’s excellent pictures from our walk on Thursday by visiting his blog here.
  • Sue, whom we visited today, is the friend who bought a shipping container and put it in her garden and made it into a very classy garden room.  You can go and stay in it if you like.  You can see pictures of the container on her listing on Airbnb here


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17 thoughts on “The joy of bread

  1. According to my growling stomach there were just enough strawberries and cream. I might have to run out to the store.
    I think we’ve had as many rainy days as sunny days this summer but since I have to work outside whether it rains or not mine aren’t as enjoyable as yours have been.
    Rain or not the poppies are beautiful again this year.

  2. Short and sweet, like the cream and strawberries on the cake.

    I’m surprised that you had never heard of a Dutch oven before, there are entire books devoted to their use, especially for outdoor cooking.

  3. Yep, that Dutch oven and sourdough cooking feature greatly in the westward expansion culinary here in the USA. Now kind of fashionable and very much in use for camping are the Dutch oven and cast iron pans. Sourdough is best in California, here in the Midwest what they call sourdough…just ain’t sour enough. You should give it a go with your culinary skills it’s kind of fun.
    BTW, that shipping container looks really cool, I will check it out seriously if we’re in need in your part of the world.

    1. I did make quite a lot of sourdough bread at one time but in the end I didn’t make enough to make it worthwhile to keep feeding the starter so I let it go.

  4. Glad you liked the lunch.. it was great to see you both, and thanks for the Tour de France tutorial! (And the Airbnb mention 😃)

  5. Dutch ovens are wonderful for cooking! By the photos of your gardens, flowers and baked delights, you are doing well on the credit side of the great ledger of life. 🙂

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