Life on a smaller scale

Glasgow Bridge

I have had enough of the London Trip pictures so it is back to guest pictures of the day.    Dropscone was on holiday in Glasgow last week when he met this attractive bridge over the Clyde.

Glasgow Bridge

After the excitement of yesterday, we had a very calm domestic day today.  We did get out in the morning to visit both the Producers’ Market where we bought honey and our corner shop where we bought milk.  We were thus fully equipped for a pleasant day.

It rained heavily at one point but mostly it was dry and occasionally it was even sunny and almost like summer though still rather cool for the time of year.

Al and Matilda took a turn round the garden…

Al and Matilda

…finding plenty to keep them interested.

I mowed both lawns and the drying green and checked on the flowers.

Two rather diffident dahlias…
…and a very peppy poppy
Japanese anemone and clematis
Japanese anemone and clematis, both doing well

On spite of the bright colour of the Lilian Austin rose, I rarely see a bee near one.  They much prefer the rather plainer hostas.

Lilian Austin and hosta with bee
You can see the bee is putting its heart into the job

In the greenhouse, the petunia is still looking good….


…which is lucky, as it is my job to keep it watered in the absence of the gardener.

I bought 3lbs of raspberries at the Producer’s Market as the blackbirds are eating ours because I haven’t netted them and I made six jars of raspberry jam with them.

I have kept the breadmaking machine very busy while Matilda has been here. I have made two loaves, 12 rolls and a pizza dough.  The breadmaker makes good bread but it makes excellent dough.

In the afternoon, we all went out into the garden in a sunny spell.  I took a formal picture of the visitors.

Al Matilda and Clare

As you can see, Matilda was dressed for every weather condition.

We had lots of fun but the highlight was several games of grandmother’s footsteps (in spite of the absence of the actual grandmother).

Al Matilda and Clare

Matilda in the garden

Matilda was very difficult to creep up on….

Matilda in the garden

…but I was easier to catch.

Photos courtesy of the Al and Clare Photo Agency.

There were a couple of white butterflies flitting about but they were reluctant to pose for me.


As Al and I wandered around, Matilda practised putting her foot down.

Clare and Matilda

She is quite good at that already.

The pizza dough made a delicious base for a home made pizza for our tea and as there were strawberries and cream and cherries about too, we ate like kings.

There are a large number of blackbirds in the garden and I can’t make up my mind whether they are all from one family or not but almost every time I look out of the window, I can see at least one.

This is one of three I could see today.  The others were the flying birds of the day and flew out of the frame before I could shoot.




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29 thoughts on “Life on a smaller scale

  1. Lilian Austin and her like, beautiful as they are, have been bred with such a result that bees can’t get at their goodies, so they won’t waste their time on them.

  2. After having read your blog for several years now, I would say that Matilda was wise to have dressed for any type of weather. You seem to get a good many days of mixed weather with both sunshine and rain in the summer.

  3. Definitely a day on the credit side of the great ledger. Grandmother’s Footsteps, by whatever name (Farm Girl’s crowd refer to it as Creeping Up Grandma ….the Scot’s brand is a little more refined) is timeless fun

  4. Tom, you have the best fun! Q: What is the fruit on the tree in the second picture of today’s post? They remind me of avocados.

  5. Love the colour and pattern on the petunia quite a responsibility though to keep it watered correctly. The lawn looks in great condition just perfect for all the fun and games…gardens give such pleasure on so many levels.

  6. Makes me think of the wonderful memories I have of my grandma’s garden. The family is adorable. Your son has a real Harry Potter look about him in that photo.

  7. Looks like a lovely day. Reminds me of visiting my grandparents in the days before anomie set in, when the sun always shone and the butterflies and ice creams were bigger.

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