Home alone

Commando memorial, Spean Bridge

Today’s guest picture comes from my my friend Marjorie.  She is on holiday in the Highlands and sent me this picture of the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge.  She knew it would interest me as Mrs Tootlepedal and I lived not far from the memorial when we first got married.

Commando memorial, Spean Bridge

The house is very quiet as I write this short post as Matilda and her parents are back home 70 miles to the north and Mrs Tootlepedal is still visiting her mother 300 miles away to the south.

We had a morning of fun with Matilda before she left, including another go of Grandmother’s Footsteps and an adventurous external tour of the house. This entailed a daring  crossing of the dam using the stepping stone.

stepping stone Matilda
Safely on….
stepping stone Matilda
…and safely off again. One small step for Daddy but one giant leap for Matilda.

Peas and beans were picked and apples admired and then it was time for lunch and the journey back to Edinburgh.

We hope to have another visit from Matilda before too long, preferably with better weather.

The afternoon was mostly dry and I did think about going for a pedal to test out my new cycle mirror which has arrived through the post but a combination of a very brisk wind and the chance to watch the Surrey Classic bike race on the telly proved too much for my rather feeble resolution and I succumbed to sofa torpor.

I was so well planted that I failed to rise and offer Mike Tinker a cup of tea when he came round.  He took this in good part.

After the race finished, I went out into the garden but the strong wind made taking flower pictures very difficult and the possibility of rain made a walk unattractive.

I did take a couple of low lying Sweet Williams.

Sweet Williams

The Sweet Williams have been very colourful for several weeks but are just coming to an end now.

The bees don’t seem to have been too discouraged by the chilly weather and the Lamb’s Ear had several customers buzzing round it.  It is very annoying when you point a camera at a bee and it focusses perfectly on the leaves behind it but I have put the pictures in anyway for illustrative purposes, as they say.

bees on lamb's ear

The delicate lupin in the shelter of the hedge has still got a few side shoots flowering…


…and the  very loud pot marigolds near the green house are defying the weather in style.


The weather forecast says that it going to rain at some time on every one of the next eight days and the temperature is not going to get above 16 degrees so it appears that autumn might have come before summer this year!

No flying bird of any sort today but as I am ordering a new lens for my DSLR camera (if I can get a good trade in on my old lens),  I hope to be able to take some good bird shots with it when it comes.  Meanwhile, I will be looking out my waterproof cycling gear.

After all the fun of three days of playing with Matilda and being head cook and bottle washer, I am off to an early bed tonight.



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21 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. The marigolds may be loud, but they’re very pretty. Would you post a photo of your new bike mirror once it’s installed, please?

  2. Thank goodness for those bright and cheerful marigolds to brighten everyone’s day. I bet Matilda enjoyed her stepping stone jump adventure. Hope you have a few rays of sunshine and dry periods over the next week.

  3. I hope that you get the deal that you want, and the new lens for flying birds. I also hope that the new lens is light, as I’ve found that the lighter the lens is, the easier it is to keep small birds in the frame.

    1. The reason for the purchase is that is about two thirds of the weight of the lens that I am going to trade in. I got a very good offer for the old lens.

  4. I was drawn by your photo of the commando memorial, which we stopped at not long ago and which I knew of old. It is certainly a dramatic statue, in a dramatic location and a fitting way to remember all of those who trained nearby. Loved your shots of the stepping stone too, by the way!

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