A little tired

Today’s guest picture is of a rather stuck up group of august personages which my brother Andrew found in a church in Hull on a recent visit.

Close up of the church hierarchy

I think that the permanently changeable weather is beginning to get to me and I am currently feeling rather short of beans to be full of.  As a result I was still sleeping soundly this morning when Dropscone rang to ask if some scones could find a cup of coffee to go with.

It was a rush for me to get my breakfast finished before coffee time but I managed.

The scones were very good.

It was another day of sunshine and showers and Dropscone cycled round in the sun, drank his coffee while it rained and cycled home again in the sun.

Since it was dry when he left, I had a look round the garden.  It was a day for the birds and the bees…




…and berries.

Tropaeolum. They should go blue soon.

As it looked to stay dry for a bit, I was emboldened to walk up to the town with my parcel and I was rewarded when I not only found the post office open but also the river bank full of thirteen goosanders.


They were preferring to wait until the river had gone down a bit before doing any swimming.

Some just sat about reflecting on life….


…while others took a keen interest in the passing water.


I enjoyed a bright crocosmia beside the dam as I came home.


I did a little light gardening, had lunch and watched the rain until Sandy rang up and suggested a walk.  I said that I would be pleased to go if the rain stopped and it did obligingly stop shortly afterwards so I went.

Sandy and I walked across the Duchess Bridge, round the pheasant hatchery, back down to the Sawmill Bridge and then home by way of the Kilngreen and Elizabeth Street, a distance of about two and a half miles.

When we were not watching out for puddles and muddy bits, we looked around. There was quite a bit of fungus to be seen in various places.

castleholm fungus

…much of it in dark corners under trees.  There is a huge amount of fungus round the stumps of the felled trees along the Lodge walks and you can see one small part of it in the bottom left panel above.

There were growing things to see too.

self heal, conkers and white flower

I don’t know what the white flower on the right is but it was attracting a lot of bees.  The plant is quite big but the white flowers are very small.  Once again, a brisk breeze made taking flower pictures tricky.

nettle, burr and rosebay willowherb

It started to rain as we passed these three wild flowers, a nettle, a burr and some willowherb, just at the furthest point from home on our walk but it soon stopped again and we continued on in the direction that the willowherb suggested.

We had passed some cows on our way out….

My only attempt at a black and white picture today

I liked a mossy tree on our way back.  Outdoor people say that you can tell the direction of east and west by looking at where the moss grows on tree trunks.  This tree would have you going round in circles.

mossy tree

After what has been a cool and generally dry year since early spring, the recent heavy rain showers are making the ground quite wet and we had to stop and find an alternative route when we found this long and deep puddle blocking our way near the lodge.

lodge puddle

At the Kilngreen, we stopped to say hello to Mr Grumpy….

Kilngreen ducks

…and we were impressed by the number of friends he had sitting nearby.

This one was not quite fully dressed yet

As well as Mr Grumpy, we saw a robin, a dipper and a wagtail on our travels….

wagtail, robin, dipper and heron

…not to mention a very new duckling.


The rivers were all quite full and lively….

River esk in spate

…but there was no threat of a flood.

I always like this view from the Langholm Bridge….

View from the bridge

…but the Common Riding bunting and the sun glinting on the tops of the hills made it particularly good today, I thought.

We had a cup of Darjeeling and a slice of bread with wild raspberry jam when we got back and then Sandy walked home while I sank into semi snoozing mode.

I roused myself enough to prepare the charity regulator’s return for the Archive Group and catch upon my correspondence and after that I did some more relaxing.  The weather looks as though it may be suitable for cycling tomorrow so that will perk me up again.  I will choose a route so that the brisk wind will blow me back home.

The flying bird of the day had flown up onto a fence when I caught it.


Note:  I see that Sandy has posted his view of our walk.  You can see it here

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34 thoughts on “A little tired

  1. I think the white flower is in the nettle family but that’s as close as I can get.
    I’ve never seen so many birds on a river bank. I’m glad there’s no chance of flooding. We’ve had our share this summer in parts of the state.
    That is a nice shot of the town with the sun on the hills beyond. They do look very climbable.

  2. I liked seeing the large number of birds and the variety of species that you saw along the river. It looks like the robin is using a leaf as an umbrella, just in case the rains returned. I can also see why you like the view from the Langholm Bridge so much.

    I’ve heard that old tale about telling directions from the moss on trees, but none of the outdoor people I grew up with put any stock in it at all.

  3. The riverbank scene was clearly the place to be yesterday. Glad you got out and about with Sandy and had scones with Dropscone, it means all is is right in the world, even if the weather is a bit uncooperative.

  4. Enjoyed the black and white picture and the foursome of Mr G and friends.
    Hope the weather brightens up soon. Very windy and cloudy down South too.

  5. A slow beginning, perhaps, but a good day nonetheless. What a lovely town! And, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the goosanders. We don’t have them in Maine, at least as far as I know.

  6. Your talking of your Friday scones with Dropscone enticed me to make a recipe of Raspberry scones this morning. Delicious!

  7. How lovely to see a duckling and all those goosanders admiring the river. They were very sensible to stay land side when the water looks so gushing. The quartet of bird photos are lovely too- a good spread of interesting nature spotted on your walk- hope you can fit a bike ride in tomorrow.

      1. We are in a run of south-westerlies at present and no likelihood of anything different for a while. Poor Tom has hardly had any summer weather this year. We, in the east, had a very dry spring and early summer and some hot and sunny weather too and need all the rain we are getting at the moment.

  8. Quite a collection of goosanders, although my favorite photo is of the mallard and her new duckling. She looks quite proud. 🙂

    Nice walk with Sandy, and many interesting sights. I like the composition in those three panel wildflower photos, and your fungal quartet. It is so dry here now that we won’t see much fungi until the autumn rains begin again.

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