On the mend

The Edge

Today’s guest picture comes from a walk on The Edge in Derbyshire which my brother Andrew shared with his walking group….and some cows….and some very nice weather.

The Edge

Our weather improved today but it was still pretty damp in the morning. I didn’t go out to take a flower picture until nearly midday.


Oddly, many of the poppies were facing the wrong way and I had to go out into the road and look into the garden from over the hedge to see these two pairs.


Yellow crocosmia have just started to come out and they should blend with the poppies if we get some warmth.  The dahlias also need warmth but the nasturtiums are doing very well in the cool and damp.

crocosmia, nasturtium and dahlia

Along with the weather, my back was quite a lot better too and I was able to trim a box ball and prune the espalier apples…

box and apples

…which are cropping well this year.

After lunch I did a bit more work in the garden and admired a hosta and an indefatigable Icelandic poppy which will keep flowering as long as I keep dead heading it.

hosta and poppy

Mrs Tootlepedal spent as much as time in the garden as she could but I went in to give my back a rest and watched a bit of the World Athletic Championships.  I was joined by Mrs Tootlepedal when it started to rain but the rain didn’t last so I went off for a walk to see how my back would hold up.

It held up well as I pottered down to Skippers Bridge and back, a distance of two miles which took me exactly an hour.

It wasn’t sunny but at least I could see the hills today.


There was plenty more to see on the way.

Flowers present and past
Garden escapes by the river
Garden escapes by the river
Himalayan balsam
Himalayan balsam

Skippers Bridge was looking as good as ever….

skippers bridge

The recent repair is holding up well at the moment.

I thought that the trees were starting to get an autumnal tint when I looked through the bridge.

skippers bridge

There was enough water coming down the river….

River esk

…to keep me well back from the edge.

On the way back there was more to see.

I hope that it not time for the swallows to leave already
leaf problems
Problems on the leafs of trees
fly on ragwort
A ragwort with visitors

It was almost sunny as I walked back…

Castle Hill

…and it was a very pleasant evening to be out walking.

I tried a black and white shot of the walnut tree when I got back to the garden….

Walnut tree

…as I liked the pattern of the trunks.

We are promised some sunshine tomorrow and that will be very welcome.  If we get it, I will try my back out on a short bike ride.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

29 thoughts on “On the mend

  1. Your back must be much better to be able to trim that box ball so well.
    The infected leaf on the right has tar spot, which really doesn’t hurt the tree. I’m not sure what is going on with the leaf on the left. It’s something I’ve never seen.
    It’s far too early for an autumnal tint but I’m seeing it too on some of the low plants that grow on the forest floor.

  2. Very glad to hear of the good progress of your back. Very artistic view of rocks and water in the river. Liked the black and white walnut tree.

  3. Lovely views on your walk especially looking through and under the bridge. I like the pattern of the tiles too in your black and white photo. The swifts have left here but the swallows are still flying around and like you I really hope they stay for some time yet.

  4. The red discs on the leaf are a gall of some sort, depending on the type of leaf they are on. You managed to see so many other things of interest in the garden and on your walk. I am pleased your back is getting better.

      1. I do wish you could try the non-intoxicating cannabis tincture that has been helping my back. Sometimes I can feel it wanting to go into a spasm but it stops before going there. Might just be coincidence.

  5. If you could trim the box ball and go for a walk, your back must be getting better, let’s hope that continues. I think that you’re right about the early fall colors when looking through Skippers Bridge, the leaves are beginning to turn here also.

  6. Beautiful pictures! And those cows look really relaxed and healthy! Did they also subject you to their welcoming ritual which involves a lot of unwanted face licking?

  7. Right now I am dreaming about rain as we haven’t had any for too long. Gorgeous colors in the flowers. We’re having swallow swarms as well. It’s odd how autumn thoughts creep in as the days get shorter.

  8. All the photos are beautiful, but the panels of poppies are especially lovely. They are cheerful flowers!

    The unusually wet weather seems to be causing some fungal problems on the leaves. We hear the slow, steady tread of Autumn approaching here as well, and feel it in the air. Much less time for gardening after dinner these days.

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