Back on the bike

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who was visiting the Derby Silk Mill when he found that it was an absolutely windless day.

Derby Silk Mill

It was a pretty good day here today too and after I had made a lamb stew for the slow cooker, I went out to see the poppies.


Not a drop of rain to be seen on them!  Mrs Tootlepedal has got a very good variety of specimens from her packet of mixed seeds.

The bees were exceedingly happy…

poppy with bees

…and were lining up to visit this well stocked larder.

poppy with bees

This poppy was just as beautiful but was less popular, having less to offer.

Poppy with insect

A late Fuchsia is waiting to deliver.

fuchsiaIt was difficult to walk round the garden without being buffeted by white butterflies.  They were everywhere.

white butterflies

As were sparrows.


I went upsatirs to get my cycling gear on and when I looked out of the window, blackbirds were taking in the rays down below…


…in a rather anguished way.

I got on my bike fairly gingerly as I didn’t know how things would go but in spite of the odd twinge, I was able to pedal at a gentle pace without any great trouble.

John, the purveyor of all things useful from his corner shop, had suggested that I should look at an arboreal dog near Hagg-on-Esk so I did.

dog tree

I have cycled past this spot many times without seeing the poodle in the trees before.

I chose a very flat route (650 ft of elevation in 27 miles) so I was able to turn my legs over gently without putting any pressure on my back and thanks to a gentle wind, I managed a reasonable speed.

I didn’t want to get off and on the bike more than necessary but it was such a nice day that I stopped for a few photo ops.

I lied the sheep marching along below the ha-ha at Woodhouselees.
Penton road
The trees near Longtown definitely seem to be getting an autumn tinge
Monkey Puzzle
A monkey puzzle tree commands the view over the Knottyholm
Hollows Tower
The roof of Hollows Tower rising above the trees

I took another look at the ‘poodle tree’ on my way back.

prancing horse
More like a prancing horse with rider perhaps from this angle

I got home in time for a late lunch.  I looked at a poppy before I went in.

poppy with crocosmia
The crocosmia is trying its hardest join in.

I had made some more baps yesterday with the help of the breadmaker and they were just as good as the first lot.  I had one with lettuce and marmite for my meal.

After that, it was back out into the garden for an afternoon of useful, gently paced work.

I strimmed the clippings of the rambler rose which Attila the Gardener was attacking with her new secateurs, I mowed the green house grass, I sieved a couple of buckets of compost, I mowed the green house grass and I emptied the strimming receptacle into compost bin A twice.   In all, this was about half to three quarters of an hour’s work spread over three hours so it wasn’t quite the hard labour that it might seem.

Then I had a last walk round with a camera.

Michaelmas daisies
Michaelmas daisies arriving well before Michaelmas

The evening sun was catching the poppies…

poppies in the sun

…but it caught this one the best, I thought.

poppies in the sun

The lamb stew turned out very well after Mrs Tootlepedal had worked a little magic on some last minute flavouring.

The breadmaker makes dough for more baps than we can eat at one go so I had saved half the dough from yesterday and kept it in the fridge  over night.   I knocked it back and made another set today and we were pleasantly surprised at how well they turned out.  They went very well with the stew in place of potatoes.

Sadly, the very good weather of the day had clouded over by the time that I wrote this so our chance to watch the meteor shower had gone.  I did wake up at three o’clock last night when there was a clear sky but I couldn’t make myself get up and go out and just rolled over and went back to sleep.  I am sorry about that now.

Tomorrow, it says, it is going to rain all day so I am glad that I made good use of today.

No flying bird but I did catch a flying butterfly as it passed a nasturtium.

flying butterfly


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16 thoughts on “Back on the bike

  1. Well, you certainly made good use of the good weather and an improved back. I loved the views on your cycle ride and am always glad to see a fuchsia.

  2. You do have a lot of bees if there are 4 on one flower! I really liked the marching sheep too, that’s a great image in my humble opinion. I also liked the tree poodle, that something that you seldom see.

  3. The poodle tree was a good find. Not quite like finding animals in cloud shapes, but no less interesting.

    The poppies are very flamboyant souls, especially that last photo of one. I’ve always considered irises the Marilyn Monroe of flowers, but I think poppies may also rightfully share the title.

  4. We have a visit to Derby on our wish list, we’d like to go and see the Joseph Wright of Derby paintings, its one of those places that is near and yet far, we never seems to get there for the things we’d like. Unfortunately we went to Derby last week, on an emergency mission, to take Spud the Dog for specialist surgery, at the Pride Veterinary Centre, he broke his elbow in three places 😦 He’s home now recuperating, not easy for a Springer spaniel. Stew and baps, yum.

  5. Allan went out to fetch an errant cat at midnight and saw some shooting stars!

    The last poppy photo with sun in the petals is lovely. The photo of poppy in profile is a stunner. I also like the white sheep below the White House. Oh. Look how my autocorrect capitalizes that. Foo.

  6. It’s been a good fifteen years since I’ve been to Derby, except for the rugby club. I keep meaning to visit as we’re only 15 miles away. It’s often the way…

    Poppy photos are great, as is the nasturtium with butterfly.

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