Down in the dumps

The white cliffs of Brighton

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary who visited the south coast of England  yesterday and saw the not quite so famous white cliffs of Brighton.

The white cliffs of Brighton

After the excitements and activity of yesterday, today was very restrained.

The only noticeable activity of the morning was eating some iced buns which Dropscone kindly bought with him when he arrived for coffee.  Dropscone had plenty to relate as he has had a busy time lately, playing golf, refereeing a golf tournament, organising a golf tournament of his own  and visiting the science museum in Glasgow.  He had survived all this very well but I was quite exhausted just listening to his adventures.  He certainly gets about.

It rained heavily while we sipped and chatted but it stopped when it was time for him to go home.

I went out to look at flowers just once in one of the sunny spells.


The only activity in the afternoon was a drive to the council dump at Annan to get rid of our old dishwasher.  This was made even more exciting than a normal visit to the dump by the fact that we had to pass through several torrential downpours with added thunder and lightning on our way there.

It was fortunate that the downpours were reasonably brief, as in the space of a minute on each occasion, the roads turned into rivers and driving became quite dangerous.  Happily on each occasion, we soon found ourselves back in bright sunshine…although we could see the next shower coming towards us at speed quite clearly.

With heavy showers and bright sunshine alternating rapidly, it wasn’t a day for cycling, walking or gardening so I took the opportunity to give my back a really good rest.

The ironic sunflower is progressing well in spite of the rain…


…but the theme of the day was summed up by this large puddle outside the back door.


It was our younger son’s birthday today and Clare, his wife, sent me this picture of him being terrified by his birthday cakes.  It is acting as the flying bird of the day.

Al birthday cakes

It is the Canonbie Flower Show tomorrow and we are hoping for some better weather.

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16 thoughts on “Down in the dumps

    1. He did, thank you. He went to a performance by a stand up comic as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and laughed so much that his ribs were still hurting late in the evening.

  1. It’s winter here but we have had more rain than usual for this month – so much so that the electrical wiring has been damaged and the whole house has to be re-wired – $7,000!

  2. Loved the delicate pink colours and hope your back benefits from a decent rest though one has to ask, how did you get the washing machine in the car?

  3. Our ‘recycling centre’ has been closed! (Not allowed here to call it the dump !) I am totally lost without it! Hefting a washing machine into your car couldn’t have been the best way to rest your back! The sunflower is showing signs of being a beauty…all ready for welcoming in an Indian summer!

  4. Happy belated birthday to Alistair. 🙂

    That sunflower has a nice strong stem. A fine specimen. The frogs and tadpoles must be quite pleased with all the rain, even if the sunflower is not. 😉

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