Everything to play for

St Katherine's Dock 14.08.17 012

Today’s guest picture is the last from my sister Mary’s visit to the Thames riverside and shows more usual boats in their parking places.

St Katherine's Dock 14.08.17 012

It was another moist morning here and the poppies were doing well to hold their heads up at all…

 St Katherine's Dock 14.08.17 012

…let alone look so pretty.


Mrs Tootlepedal’s vision of a garden full of poppies is working out well in parts…


…and the cornflowers are growing well too.


The forecast spoke of more showers but it looked not too bad so I nipped out on my bike to do a 20 mile Canonbie tour and got the timing perfectly right as I missed two heavy showers in Langholm while I was out and got back just as the second one stopped.

I didn’t spend any time stopping to take pictures as I was anxious to avoid getting caught in the next shower.

I got back in time for a cup of coffee, a hot shower and a light lunch before it was time to go to Edinburgh to meet Matilda.  There were a few minutes spare for me to walk round the garden before we left and I was happy to see a butterfly enjoying the sunflower….

red admiral butterfly on sunflower

…and two more on the buddleias.


The bed at the end of the drive is turning into a fine colourful corner with calendulas, crocosmia, Michaelmas daisies and buddleias all contributing…

End bed

…and elsewhere the stargazer lily is showing its final flower and the unprotected sweet pea is looking very sturdy and producing flowers.

sweet pea and stargazer lily

The train journey to Edinburgh was enjoyable as the sun came out soon after we left Lockerbie and the sun continued to shine while we were in Edinburgh.  Matilda took us to the play park where she had fun of all sorts.

She takes having fun very seriously though.

Matilda in the park

We came home to a tasty evening meal and a very competitive game of snap.

We said goodbye….


…and caught our train home safely.  It was raining a bit when we got out at Lockerbie so we were grateful for the metaphorical and literal sunshine we had had in Edinburgh.

A reader asked how the topiary chicken was progressing after its severe trimming.  The answer is not badly and here it is as bird of the day.  Mrs Tootlepedal is about to start shaping it.

topiary chicken

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31 thoughts on “Everything to play for

  1. Matilda looks to be a very happy little girl, and she dresses like a star. Maybe she’ll be one.
    Too bad the stargazer lily couldn’t hold on a little longer. It’s a beautiful thing.
    Is that a smaller chicken wearing boxwood?

  2. The topiary chicken has fluffed out quite nicely after its severe trim – thanks for the picture. I still find it surprising when you write about popping out for a quick 20 miles on the bike before heading off to [insert location or activity]!

    1. My late friend Arthur was of the opinion that it wasn’t worth getting the bike for less than twenty miles and while I don’t entirely agree with him, twenty miles only takes an hour and half even with time for a photo or two on the way so it is not a big deal.

  3. I really liked the wider views of the garden and the butterflies that you’ve been photographing lately.

    Matilda is growing so fast, but maybe it’s my age that makes it appear so.

    1. The is tremendously agile when it comes to climbing up things in the playground. My heart was in my mouth several times but she was up to the task.

  4. Two happy, bright and lovely faces: sunflower and granddaughter. Those poppies are the perkiest and prettiest I’ve seen- anywhere!

  5. Beauty was certainly the order of the day! The gardens are beautiful, and Matilda grows more lovely with every post. The first bike is not long in coming now. 🙂

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