Thank goodness for a tootle

bad hair day

Today’s guest picture shows a very bad hair day for a face mask of a student called Tom which was turned into a plant pot.  It was sent to me by Mary Jo from Manitoba.  The class was on death masks but I am happy to say that the student survived.

bad hair day

Our weather got worse today.  It was windy and grey from the start and after lunch, drizzle and then rain was added to the mix.  Not a day for photographs at all.

I spent two of the dull but dry hours in the morning sitting in the Welcome to Langholm office but at least I got some good archive work done and I also welcomed some visitors to Langholm.  As I also sold, a booklet, a CD and a DVD, it wasn’t wasted time.

The afternoon was devoted to mumbling bad words about the weather and doing  indoor business in equal measure…..and some useful time going over the choir songs until I almost believed that I had learned some of them.  (That belief will last until I try to remember them again tomorrow).

I only took three pictures all day.

How do you like them apples?


I have eaten a couple of windfalls from another of the trees and they tasted surprisingly sweet.  We have been eating plums from the plum tree for several days now and they too have been excellent so it doesn’t seem as though the weather has affected the fruit badly at all.

I didn’t dead head any poppies today but I did look at two seed pods from the same plant and I marvelled at their difference.

poppy seed pods

The greyness of the afternoon was brightened by a visit from Mike Tinker for a cup of tea and then by my flute pupil Luke coming for a lesson.   Although we haven’t entirely mastered the Haydn trio we are learning we have set about a Quantz trio for a bit of variety so we are not short of work.

In the evening I went off to play trios with Mike and Isabel and that ended the day on a better note than it deserved.

The flying bird of the day is a dahlia which has turned up in the middle of the runner beans in the veg garden.



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21 thoughts on “Thank goodness for a tootle

  1. I to had a lazy day weather wasn’t to bad , your apples look delicious, love MJ photo. Hope you get out tomorrow.

  2. There is a corkscrew rush called Curly Wurly ( Juncus effuses) and it looks just like the plant in the mask in the guest photo.
    The apples look great. I haven’t seen any fully ripe yet but it won’t be long.
    I think the difference in the two poppy seed pods might have been due to age.

  3. I do like them apples! I guess your drizzle was probably better than getting chlorine gassed on the south coast – a sunny bank holiday for the English had to be ruined somehow.

  4. That is a nice pot and arrangement in it. 🙂

    Some of our apple varieties should be ripening soon. The few windfalls we have tried are not too bad. The trees have self-edited many small apples due to heat and drought.

  5. Those apples look fantastic! So glad they have thrived in all the drizzle and rain. And, yes, at least your day was brightened by music.

  6. Delicious looking apples and lots of flowers on your runner beans- so your fruit and veg intake will be sorted for the next few weeks! You’ve proved the saying that music soothes the soul!

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