Today’s guest picture of a gannet family comes from my brother Andrew’s recent visit to Whitby.  He had to lean right over the cliff to get it.


In general, today was not entirely satisfactory.  For a start, it rained pretty well all day in a mean spirited and miserable sort of way.  The clouds were so thick that any ray of light that penetrated them was strangled at birth.

As a result, I took no pictures at all but that was partly because I was quite busy.

I began with a visit to the Archive Centre which is in a bit of a mess after some building work and will need some tidying up.  Luckily volunteers are at hand and we hope to make a start on Wednesday.

Then Sandy and I drove up to Eskdalemuir through the mist and rain with a car full of pictures for a camera club exhibition in the old school there, now a community centre called The Hub.

We were a bit handicapped when we got there as we found that the previous exhibitionist had not only removed all her work but all the picture hanging hooks too.

Luckily Sharon, who is my flute pupil Luke’s mum as well as being the hub manager, was on hand to be very helpful so we did what we could and left the hanging for her to do tomorrow.  She took a picture of us looking very relaxed about the whole situation.

Tom and Sandy at the Hub

Appearances can be deceptive.

All this took longer than we expected and it was lunch time when I got home.

I had some stuff to print out for the exhibition and once again, a simple task was made impossible.  This time my printer resolutely refused to admit that it was on or connected to the network when it was both plainly on and connected.  This is the sort of thing that drives a man mad and probably resulted from a recent firmware update, whatever that was.

After what seemed like an age of raging against the machine, I did what I should have done from the start and reinstalled the printer on the system.

It printed.

It is not printing now as I write this.  I shall go mad.

I did have a very enjoyable play with Isabel and Mike in the evening which was a bright spot in a grey day.

The only butterfly that I saw today was in an unfinished embroidery which Mrs Tootlepedal started at the Producers’ Market on Saturday so it is the flying bird of the day.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

28 thoughts on “Unhooked

  1. I hope we get to see the finished butterfly – I’m curious as to whether Mrs. T. is going to have to stitch around the beads. Sorry your day was so miserable – there’s something particularly infuriating about recalcitrant technology.

  2. Good luck with the exhibition if you can get your printer working again. After hearing countless stories like yours, I’m very glad that I didn’t have the same problems, yet.

  3. Thank Andrew for risking his life to photograph the Gannets, much enjoyed by me. Sorry technology is conspiring against you. What’s most aggravating is how dependent we have become on these things. Ah, you’ve transferred your frustration to me, now you should be okay. -)

  4. Well done for sorting out the printer eventually – so trying to the nerves and temper.
    Really liked the embroidery butterfuly.

  5. Thank you for show Mrs. Tootlepedal’s embroidery, finished or not! I enjoy seeing her handiwork. I tried embroidery as a child, but did not get far.

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