At last, a pedal and a tootle

Lake Athapapaskow

Today’s guest picture comes from Lucie, one of my Canadian correspondents, who took this fine view of  Lake Athapapaskow, a glacial lake in Manitoba, while on holiday.

Lake Athapapaskow

It took us some time to come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t raining when we woke up but I recovered from the shock and got the fairly speedy bike out for the first time in September.  I wasn’t sure how my legs would be feeling after a week off and as it was quite breezy with a threat of light rain, I rather cravenly decided to do a turn in my ‘outside gym’ and cycle up and down the four and a bit miles to Cleughfoot three times.  This would give me the chance to bail out if the going got too tough.

It looked like a good decision when it started to rain just as I got to Cleughfoot on the first lap but I decided not to put on my rain jacket as that sort of thing only encourages bad weather and I was rewarded when the rain stopped before I started the second lap.

In the end, I managed the 27 miles quite happily and got home dry.

I didn’t take my pocket camera with me on the bike because of the threat of rain and although I took some pictures with my phone, they came out so badly that I couldn’t use them.  I walked round the garden when I got back to make up for this.

There was plenty to look at.

The nerines were enjoying the drier weather
More big lilies are coming out
More big lilies are coming out
The smaller poppies are surviving the wet weather the best
Though some of the bigger ones were open for business
And some were just open
The Salvia is surviving well
And the late astrantia is doing very well though I haven’t seen many bees on it at all
The clematis in the philadelphus is thriving

I had a shower and some lunch and then we went out into the garden and I mowed the middle lawn but as it had started to rain, this wasn’t as much fun as it might have been and we went back in and sat down to watch a chunk of the Tour of Britain bike race.

When it stopped raining, I went out again and sieved some compost and dead headed some poppies but it started to rain again so I went back in.

After the bike stage finished, I checked the weather and headed out to the riverside for a short walk.

A dipper posed for me on the banks of the Esk…


…and Mr Grumpy gave me a stare at the Meeting of the Waters.


I spotted a goosander among the many ducks on the Ewes Water…..


…and another dipper below the Sawmill Brig.


In between watching all the birds, a good crop on a tree in the Clinthead garden made me stop and look.

Clinthead crop

I don’t know what they are.  Some sort of crab apple perhaps?  I found a variety called Malus Royalty which looked a possibility.

I would have taken many more really interesting pictures if the battery on my Lumix had not given up but I had my phone in my pocket and pointed it hopefully at a few more things as I went along the new path on the Castleholm.

Autumn leave
Early colour
Tiny fungus on a log end
Pretty as a picture
The horse chestnuts seem to change colour earlier than any other trees.

I looked over the hedge into our garden as I got back.  There is still quite a lot of colour but the leaves on the lawn make it look autumnal.

n in September 2017

I had timed my walk well as I just had enough time to dead head the calendula before it started to rain again.

To be fair, the evening cleared up well and the day finished on a thoroughly good note when Mike and Alison appeared and Alison and I had a very cheerful time playing a selection of pieces, several of which sounded as though the composer would have recognised them without any difficulty.

No flying bird of the day or any substitute at all this evening.  I will try to do better tomorrow.

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31 thoughts on “At last, a pedal and a tootle

  1. I noticed Mr Grumpy’s beak too. I hope he is well. Great photos of all the birds you spotted and also the many bright flowers in your garden. That is indeed a crab apple and looks similar to the one we have, which is Malus ‘Harry Baker’.

  2. Very good photos of the dipper, Mr. Grumpy, and the goosander!

    Has there been a day this summer when you haven’t been rained on at least a little during some part of the day? What a horrible weather pattern you’ve had to endure this summer.

    1. We had a very dry and cool spring but the summer has made up for that in a big way. Recently it does seem to have rained pretty well every day.

  3. Glad you got out for a pedal and managed to keep dry during it. I’m also a great one for “not tempting fate”. Sometimes fate takes advantage of that😊

  4. You’ve confirmed it: Raincoats are not to be trusted. That dipper is a handsome bird, and ditto for the goosander, which also has a wonderful name. Glad you manage to get a ride in.

  5. Love the photo of the dipper…a very dapper bird indeed! The goosander has lovely autumn colouring to match the changing of the seasons. Glad you made the most of a clear spell to get a pedal in.

  6. The unknown fruits do look like crabapples to me, and I’m going more by the leaves than the fruit.
    I love the colors of the salvia, the astrantia, and the clematis.
    I hope fall will mean a turnaround and you’ll see 2 or 3 sunny days in a row.

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