Nothing doing

Matilda at Portobello

Today’s guest picture comes from Clare and shows that Matilda, her daughter, can paddle just as well at Portobello as she can at North Berwick.

Matilda at Portobello

We might have gone paddling ourselves today too but only in the puddles on the drive.

It was raining when we got up and it rained pretty persistently for the rest of the day.   We have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the final whistle has been blown in the game of waiting for summer to come.  There were three unnaturally warm days a month or two ago and that was that.

Looking at some weather statistics for August, it seems that we only had five days in August when we had above average temperatures so my feeling that it was a rather chilly month may have been justified and not just down to my usual gloomy view of life.

It got me down today and, most unusually, I did absolutely nothing all day other than a take a quick trip to the shop to stock up on supplies and make a batch of rolls.

There was a moment when the rain almost stopped and I took a couple of pictures in the garden just for the sake of taking a couple of pictures.

lily longiformum
The big lilies don’t mind a bit of rain.

lily longiformum

There has been so little regular sunshine that the dahlias are facing in many different directions, no doubt trying to find out there the sun is.


The flowers beside the front door, sheltered from the worst of the wind and rain, are looking very cheery though.

front door flowers

I did think about braving the rain later in the afternoon when the sun came out and smiled at us sarcastically for about three minutes but by the time that I had decided to go, it was raining again.

The rolls came out very well and while purists may think that it is cheating to get the bread making machine to make the dough, the results are very consistent so I will keep doing it.

The flying bird of the day is a sunflower which accurately sums up our recent weather.

soggy sunflower



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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

26 thoughts on “Nothing doing

  1. That poor bedraggled sunflower sums up the awful summer that you’ve had this year, if you can call it summer.

    If I had a machine to make bread, I’d be using it all the time, and probably weigh twice as much as I do now. I don’t think that it’s cheating at all to use it to avoid kneading the dough of any type.

      1. I agree on that. Unless it is from a specialist bakery or an upmaket shelf at a posh supermarket, commercial bread is very unappealing.

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