Tea in the park with Mrs Tootlepedal

Albert memorial

Today’s picture shows a camel which impressed Mary Jo from Manitoba when she went to have a look at Queen Victoria’s modest tribute to her husband, the Albert Memorial.

Albert memorial

It is a rather brief post today as everything in the garden was very soggy after some heavy overnight rain…

A well sheltered dahlia had got through the night well

…and we had to have an early lunch before things were able to dry up because we had a concert in Carlisle Cathedral to prepare for.

We saw a splendid display of ink cap fungus in the car park when we got to the city.

carlisle fungus

After driving through another tremendous shower on the way to there, we were pleased to find the cathedral bathed in sunshine when we arrived.

Carlisle Cathedral

The concert was chiefly given by the Glasgow Phoenix Choir but our Carlisle choir had three songs to do as a starter for each half.  This meant an afternoon spent practising as the concert had arrived at very short notice and we were a bit underprepared and getting organised as far as things like seating and singing a couple of songs with the other choir went.

After the practice, we had a couple of hours to kill before the performance so we went to Rickerby Park in the centre of the town to have a picnic tea to restore our strength.

The car park was full of the cars of dog walkers….

Rickerby park

…but we were the only picnickers.

Rickerby park

To tell you the truth, it was perhaps a little chilly for eating outside but the light was gorgeous and if you could find a spot sheltered from the wind, it was not too bad.

The park and the river Eden were looking at their best.

River eden

Rickerby park

Rickerby park

There was even a herd of cows to make the scene look truly pastoral.

Rickerby park

Back at the cathedral, which has a spectacular ceiling….

carlisle cathedral

…I enjoyed listening to the Phoenix choir a lot and they had three splendid soloists to add a bit of variety to their menu.  I can’t speak for the whole of our choir but I felt that the tenors in particular were a lot better in the first half when we sang really well than in the second by which time, a little fatigue may have set in.

As we drove home, we noticed that the temperature had dropped to 4°C so there may be some damage to see when we get up.  We are going back to Carlisle again tomorrow for our regular choir practice so we will have done a lot of singing over the weekend.

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22 thoughts on “Tea in the park with Mrs Tootlepedal

  1. Beautiful green, even if it was a bit chilly for a picnic. And that cathedral! I bet the lovely music soared.

      1. Oh, my! Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. Wish I could have been there to hear it.

  2. Even on a day when you’re busy with other things, you still manage to shoot some gorgeous photos! It’s too bad that it was a little chilly for your picnic, but it’s getting to be that time of year.

  3. The ink caps were a nice find. I’ve never seen them.
    I’m glad you found some sunshine even if it wasn’t at home.
    The views are beautiful and so is that ceiling. My son always wanted stars on his ceiling when he was younger.

    1. I saw a photograph on-line recently of another crop not far way from here so I am keeping my eye out for more. The cathedral ceiling is a treat no matter how many times you see it.

  4. Photos of Rickerby Park bring back a lot of memories. I walked through there each morning after catching the 6. am bus to Carlisle. It was a shortcut to Willowholme where I was serving my apprenticeship in 1963.

  5. Wonderful pictures from the park.
    I am sure your concert was much enjoyed by the audience. Well done for all that hard work.

  6. Beautiful photos from the park- they deserve a poem to match them! Hearing a choir in the cathedral with that stunning ceiling to admire too must quiver the senses.

  7. Beautiful scenes from the day. Glad to see the sun emerged for the concert.

    It got down to close to freezing last night here. I’ll know by afternoon what damage there may be.

      1. Light damage in the beans, squash and cucumbers. Last of the beans were picked today as they are shedding their leaves after last night.

      2. We have had a couple of very light frosts now. The garden is sprinting towards the finish line. Our larger birds have returned now, including the jays, starlings and robins. Non-netted grapes have been stripped clean, but we did get in 2 batches of pinot noir wine. One is still cold stabilizing, the other is still fermenting. The grapes finally hit 22 brix.

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