Warm work

It was rather large and was going very fast

I am a little short of guest pictures at the moment so I have had to go back into my files to find this picture taken by my brother Andrew on a trip to Goole.  He reports that the boat was going at a good speed.

It was rather large and was going very fast

It was pretty chilly all day today so I was pleased to be feeling a bit better when I woke up, thanks to a good night’s sleep.

After breakfast, I made a lamb stew for the slow cooker and while Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing with the church choir, I resisted the temptation to go for a quick walk in the sunshine and took a few rather gloomy pictures of birds in the shadow of the house instead.

A sunny morning is no help to me at this time of year.


A blackbird was rather indignant when it caught me looking at it.


There were several robins about and I am not sure whether these pictures are of the same one or not.


One made it to the feeder.

robin and chaffinch

The sun (and a robin) finally reached the plum tree.


Almost as soon as Mrs Tootlepedal came back from church, it was time for an early start to go off to Carlisle for a singing day with our choir.  Because the main road south was still closed for repairs, we had to take a roundabout route to get there but we arrived safely and in time.

Astute readers might well imagine that every day is a singing day with a choir but once a session our conductor likes to bring down some young singers from Glasgow to give us some lessons in technique in small groups and as a result we combine a normal practice with sectional and group sessions and the whole thing takes twice as long as usual.  He calls it a singing day.

Naturally I was a bit worried that my croaky voice would give out long before the end of  the proceedings but thanks to a really excellent warm up from our teacher, it lasted more or less to the very end and I enjoyed myself a lot more than I would have thought possible.

Whether I will remember the useful advice that our teacher handed out is quite a different matter.

The flying bird of the day prefers to remain anonymous.

flying chaffinch


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19 thoughts on “Warm work

  1. Is it possible for the robins in the UK to look other than as though they’re posing for a card? Great shot of the cranky looking blackbird!

  2. Lovely robins just need a bit of snow now to set the scene properly for the festive season which is on the horizon!± Pleased that your feeling better.

  3. The blackbird does look rather annoyed, compared to the robins who always look so cheery.

    Many here have this lingering cold, myself included now. It is not easy to sing.

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