The first concert


Today’s guest picture comes from Irving who found the wonderful double rainbow when he went to look at his sheep.


We had such a sunny day here, that we were able to find a bit of a rainbow inside our house when a sunbeam glanced off a bevelled mirror edge and onto a closed shutter.


Mrs Tootlepedal spotted it at exactly the right time because a minute or so later, it had disappeared as quickly as it had come.

The glorious sunshine came with freezing conditions and the temperature never got above 2°C and was as low as -4 in the evening on the road to Waterbeck for our concert.

I took advantage of the sunshine to go for a short walk in the morning in the hope of getting some snowy scenes.  It looked quite promising with a sprinkling of snow on Whita….

whita in snow

…and I walked up the hill in the hope of seeing more snow clad hills.  Sadly, the snow was thin and lacking sparkle.

trees in snow

Something about this snow covered dead branch beside the track appealed to me…

snowy twig

…but I was not tempted to sit for a while on the bench at Whita Well because the wind was exceedingly nippy.

snowy bench

I passed a gorse bush looking magnificent…

winter gorse

…but was disappointed when I got to a spot where I could look up the Ewes Valley.

Ewes in snow

For really snow capped hills, I had to peer into the distance up the Esk valley.

cows and snow

The cows did their best to console me by posing conveniently on the horizon of Castle Hill.

horizon cattle

Perhaps because I was a bit nervous about the concert in the evening and perhaps because the chilly winds had upset my asthma a bit, I was very tired by the time that I got home and did very little for the rest of the day apart from making a pot of soup and looking out of the kitchen window for a moment or two.

The light was unhelpful, being too shady or too bright but I was pleased to have a visit from a starling…


…and a goldfinch fairly sparkled in the plum tree.


There were not as many birds as yesterday but a good number of chaffinches kept the feeders busy….


…and a robin made an appearance too.


As usual, a greenfinch carried off the trophy for looking most disagreeable.


After an afternoon’s rest and a plate of Mrs Tootlepedal’s excellent fish pie, we went off to Waterbeck, taking Mike Taudevin with us for the Langholm Sings concert in the church there.

We had a varied programme of congregation carols, choir carols, sentimental songs, a selection of Abba hits, solo singers and readings so if the audience didn’t care for one thing, another thing soon came along.

There were more in the audience than in the choir, which is always a plus point, and as far as I can tell, the audience enjoyed the concert.  Apart from one piece where we weren’t quite as together as we should have been, we sang as well as we could expect so the choir enjoyed themselves too.

Now for a day of rest before our Carlisle choir concert on Sunday.

flying chaffinch

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28 thoughts on “The first concert

  1. ‘Pleased to have a visit from a starling.’ Would you like some of mine? I’m getting some 30 at a time now, gobbling up the food I put out for ALL the birds. They are very handsome though.

  2. The indoor rainbow without a prism must have been a first. I used to have a pyramidal prism that did that.
    The snowy hills with green pastures below make for a beautiful scene. According to the weather people our hills might look the same come Sunday morning.
    It seems odd to see the gorse flowering with snow on the ground but I’d never complain about it.

  3. Amazing rainbows and a beautiful contrast between the sky and the bright green field – fabulous guest photo. Poor you, as low as -4??? I’ll have to send you some thermal long-johns! 🙂

    1. We don’t need any of that sub zero sarcasm from people who are used to really cold weather. 🙂 We know how lucky we are here and needless to say, I am suitably clad in long john’s already. Heating is expensive.

  4. Be thankful that there wasn’t more snow covering the hills, as snow means cold, and if you think that -4 C is cold, then you should try living here, where that’s a warm day this time of year. On the other hand, we have no hills to become snow covered, even though we have plenty of the white stuff, with more falling as I type this. A happy medium would be nice for both of us I think. I’m glad for you that the concert went well and was well attended.

    1. We are quite pleased to have some frosty weather this winter because it didn’t freeze at all last year which made us a bit nervous. I wouldn’t like to live in a place with no hills however good the weather was so I am happy to put up with what we get.

  5. Views on your walk looked decidedly chilly, you were brave to go out in the freezing wind. Glad the concert went OK and hope the church was warm.

  6. Love the sunshine on the goldfinch and the robin. It’s a winning combination when the choir and the audience enjoy themselves

  7. We had our annual choir concert last night in the rugby club, all our songs went very well but for one. Our pianist was using an electric organ/piano, and apparently after pressing the correct button to lower the key, it did not work and so we had to strain singing at too high a pitch. A lot of red faces I’m afraid.

      1. Yes, Sadly mainly older men, it’s a struggle getting new members, but we have a great crew of 31 in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and several in their 80’s. Mainly ex-miners and ex-rugby players, we are based at Glynneath Rugby Club and Max Boyce is our president, you’ve probably heard of him? Cheers.

  8. Gorse is on the noxious weed list here, to the point where it is actually illegal to have a stand of it on one’s property (a law that does not have much enforcement). Something about our climate makes it and scotch broom terribly invasive. Both are beautiful in bloom. Gorse is mean and thorny, though.

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