Definitely not a rolling stone

Today’s guest picture was taken by our younger son and shows his wife and daughter obediently saying “cheese” when requested.

Clare and matilda

There was continued slight movement on the road to health in the Tootlepedal household today with Mrs Tootlepedal feeling well enough to take in a little nourishment.  I wasn’t quite as perky as I had hoped to be but I was well enough to wander about the house moodily and I did walk up into the town as far as the chemist in the afternoon to replenish our stock of paracetamol.

Having said that, it was still a rather gloomy day all round both literally and metaphorically.

I took time out to peer at the birds.

Everyone seemed to be looking for something.



bendy chaffinches

Often it was chaffinches looking for a perch.

busy feeder

busy feeder

And sometimes it was siskins looking for a fight.

siskin violence

I don’t think that the male siskin above who can be seen putting the boot into a female is quite in touch with the spirit of the moment.

Our robins were scurrying about again.  It is very difficult to know whether you are photographing the same one all the time but there are definitely three birds in the garden and I think that I got two different ones today.


plump robin

The cat scarer is a favourite perch but we think it is also working as a cat scarer as there haven’t been any cats lurking under the feeder trying to catch birds lately.  Maybe though, it is just the cold weather that is keeping the cats at home.  Time will tell when spring comes.

I took my camera with me when I walked to the chemist for the sake of having a picture on the blog which was not taken out of the kitchen window….

misty whita

…but it was a grey and raw day so I abandoned plans for taking the longer and more scenic route home.

All the same, as I know that many readers will be feeling that their lives are strangely empty because of the lack of moss pictures on the blog recently, I did take a very small diversion on my way back to visit the park wall.

I have been reading the moss book that our daughter gave me for Christmas and though it doesn’t help me identify mosses, it is helping me to learn how to look at them and when we get some better light I hope to get some better pictures.  For some reason, I hadn’t really thought of moss as having leaves but of course, that is basically what moss is, a collection of leaves and the occasional sporophyte.





For those who can take a moss leaf or leave it alone, I throw in a fern complete with sori, also from the park wall.


I had a quick tour of the garden in pursuit of more moss when I got home and I was wondering of thus was moss or not….


…but I got easily distracted by some fine lichen in the plum tree and photographed that instead.



One of the bad things about being poorly and mooching about is that it leaves me with any amount of time to listen to the radio and watch the TV and this can only have deleterious effects on my mind and body because it involves taking in the news of the day many, many times.

On the plus side, watching the poor Californians, having been plagued by fire, now being consumed by mud slides does make me count my blessings quite gratefully.

I was intending to go to Glasgow tomorrow to help Matilda and her parents clear their old flat but having actually listened to some sound advice, I am going to stay at home and try not to make myself worse.

Another grey day post impressionist flying bird today.

flying siskin

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32 thoughts on “Definitely not a rolling stone

  1. Hope you are better. I am in my 4th week, and though almost well, I have some lingering cough. Nothing to complain about though when I hear of all the mudslides over the hill. So sad.

  2. I love the photos and am quite the moss and lichen fan myself. That first photo is funny, with the sceptical good-natured looks on both faces.

    My Tibetan doctor has told me not to watch news since it makes me ill, so I don’t but just read posts on issues and skim headlines to see if there are crucial things for me to be aware of. I am not a tv watcher anyhow, so it is no chore to avoid it.

  3. So much to learn about moss. And the natural world. California has been having a terrible time. I feel a little ashamed for making a fuss about a potential power outage. Cute picture of your granddaughter and her mother.

  4. Those are fine photos of the mosses. I can’t imagine anyone not liking mosses but maybe there are some.
    The moss you’re wondering about looks like our common haircap moss (Polytrichum commune,) but I’m not sure if it grows there.
    The light colored lichen in the last lichen photo looks like a lungwort, which is something I’ve been trying to find for a very long time.
    I’m glad both you and Mrs. T. are feeling better, even if it is only a little.

    1. I think that you a right about the Polytrichum commune which my book says grows here in the margins of bogs. This one was growing on the very edge of our pond!
      I’ll have to try to take a better picture of the possible lungwort.

  5. Judging by your pictures, I have to say you got the better looking robins. Hope both you and Mrs T continue to feel better!

  6. I really like your robins, they are so cute when compared to ours here in the states.

    I also loved seeing the mosses that you found, as I’m a big fan of mosses, even though I’ve never paid attention to the various species of them. To me, mosses represent cooler areas, and I’ve often laid down to nap on a cool bed of moss on hot afternoons of fly fishing along a river somewhere.

    I also wish every one in the Tootlepedal household a speedy recovery.

  7. Glad to see you out and about again, albeit briefly. These are indeed grey dull days and very damp here, not at all inducive to walking. The moss pictures brightened my day. Take care and I hope you both continue to improve rapidly.

  8. Mosses and robins certainly lift the spirits on these gloomy and foggy days. Hope you both continue to improve- sure and steady! Just look at your first photo- those smiles would make everyone feel happy and better.

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