With a song and a smile

Dropscone is on holiday in Malta and sent me this picture to show that there is a lot of sea about.  This probably because he is on an island.

Malta ship

It was a very unusual day today in as much as I didn’t take a single picture.  There were a couple of reasons for this, first because it was a really miserable cold, dark, wet day and secondly because my mind was on other things.

I had intended to go and sing in the church choir in the morning but I wasn’t feeling as well as I had hoped so I stayed at home.  There were two baptisms on the schedule and I didn’t want to spoil the ceremonies by spending the whole time coughing.

Instead, I spent the morning sitting absolutely as quiet as I possibly could, not talking, not walking, not breathing too much and thinking very pure thoughts.

This had a good effect and I was feeling confident enough after lunch to drive to Carlisle and attend a choir practice there.  Thanks to the very sound warm up routine of our musical director, I was even able to sing along in a calm manner.  We are going to a competition soon so every bit of practice is vital and I was pleased to have been there.

Mrs Tootlepedal couldn’t come too but she was able to get out of bed today and made an excellent evening meal in the slow cooker so she is definitely on the mend.

Despite brisk winds and steady rain as I write this, we have ended the day feeling a bit more positive than when we started it and who could ask for anything more?

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36 thoughts on “With a song and a smile

  1. Yay! You and Mrs. Tootlepedal are recovering from the flu! Nasty thing. It has been bad in the U.S. this year. Our youngest daughter had it last week but will be able to go to work next week.

  2. Thanks to Skyler at Tangly Cottage I have become a great fan of your blog with your wonderful pics and wry commentary. I live in Dillon, Montana where the scenery is spectacular, but have always wanted to visit Scotland. Thanks to you, I almost do. Hoping you and the missus are soon mended and back up to speed.

  3. Having a positive attitude is a great panacea for all ailments. Being able to sing at all is a very positive sign. Mrs Tootlepedal being able to drive the slow cooker an even better omen. Persevere Tootlepedal and do not even think of Dropscone sitting in the Maltese sunshine.

    May the next flying bird of the day signal your recovery.

  4. Very pleased indeed to hear of the improvements in health for both of you.
    That was a most satisfactory achievement, to get to the Carlisle choir.

  5. “…we have ended the day feeling a bit more positive than when we started it and who could ask for anything more?” Indeed, there are different riches than the material kind.

    I love your expression “on holiday”. It sounds so luxurious; I wish we’d use it here across the pond. “On vacation” just doesn’t have the same ring.

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