The right sort of wind in the evening

Today’s guest picture brings a welcome ray of sunshine from London.  My sister Mary recently got a chance to admire her favourite form of London transport.

My favourite mode of transport - river bus

When we went to bed last night, it was snowing furiously….


…so we were relieved to find when we woke up this morning, that we had avoided the worst and the snow was perhaps a little less thick than it had been yesterday.  Although it was still pretty chilly, it thawed slightly as the day went on, though it snowed again as well, and by the end of the day, with the main roads clear, it looed as though the worst may be over.

Judging by reports of power lines down and trees blocking roads and railways in the south after a gale had passed over that part of the country overnight, once again we have got off lightly here.

I hope that my correspondent Zyriacus in Germany has escaped the worst of the storm as there seems to have been quite a bit of damage there as it went further south.

Here we had a calm and occasionally sunny day….


…and the hills looked very inviting.


I would have liked to have been jumping around in the snow up there….


…but my only outing was to the shops to get some provisions.

This was a good thing though as it meant that Mrs Tootlepedal has recovered her appetite a bit and we enjoyed a proper evening meal which she cooked.

I tried to have a very quiet day as I have been being nagged by my children for doing too much.  As far as I can see though, everyone seems to be making a very slow recovery from this bug so I don’t think I am being particularly careless.

Being nagged by your children to take care of yourself is a role reversal which is somewhat disconcerting….but cheering all the same.

I checked on the birds but once again, I didn’t spend long.

goldfinch and siskin in snow

I had hoped to catch a robin on some snow but I had to make do with blackbirds….


…of all shapes and sizes….


…until one finally obliged.

robin in snow

The male chaffinches are looking very colourful when they are perched in the plum tree.

chaffinches in plum tree

I put in some useful time preparing a couple of parish magazines for the Archive Group website.  One of them had been scanned  and checked by Sandy, which saved me a lot of work.

I felt well enough after my restful day to drive to Carlisle in the evening with my friend Susan to play with our recorder group.   The weather stayed just above freezing and the roads had been well gritted so the driving was quite comfortable and the playing was as enjoyable as ever.

The recorder doesn’t require a great deal of wind to make it sound and my chest stood up to an hour of puffing away very well though I am tired enough to write a very brief post today.

The flying bird of the day prefers to remain anonymous.

flying bird with head down



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31 thoughts on “The right sort of wind in the evening

  1. Glad you are both feeling a little improved. You played the recorder this evening, I heard some Monteverdi where two people played cornetts, such a wonderful sound.

  2. Good for you to play the recorder! The photos are lovely–the ones of the birds always impress me since our local birds are handsome but I have no good photos of them at all. We got about that same amount of snow overnight here near Woodstock NY in the US.

      1. Well, I mostly work from home except on weekends, and so the fact that I can’t get down the driveway means very little to me half of the week. Thank goodness for the internet and phone, so I can stay in touch with folks and also do sessions that way. I do not drive so am spared the stress of that. My husband however does drive, so I am not spared the stress of worrying about that!

  3. Your snow seems to melt quickly so I won’t be surprised to see green hills in a day or two.
    I know what you mean about being nagged by your children, though I don’t hear it too often just yet.
    I’m glad Mrs. T. feels better. I hope it means both of you are on the mend and headed back to good health.

  4. I see that you had snow too! I’m glad to read that your health is improving, also Mrs Tootlepedal. Nice photos! 🙂

  5. Glad to hear that you are both well on the path to recovery. And that the storm only left a beautiful winter landscape and no damage. The birds look so lovely in the snow and must be grateful for the feeders.

  6. Even though it’s a short post, there’s lots of good news in this one. The worst of the storm missed you, leaving just the right amount of snow for some very pretty snow scenes. Both you and Mrs. T are on the road to recovery also.

    I don’t have any children, but I’m sure that it can be disconcerting to have them lecture you on your health. I felt rather odd at times when telling my mother to take better care of herself, but it was done out of love, I’m sure that it’s the same with your kids.

  7. I am also very glad the robin obliged. Hooray for an evening of recorder playing and for you both being on the road to recovery. Being told how to look after yourself by your kids is an odd feeling …but also kind of nice

  8. Dont worry, we personally got off rather lightly, The storm shook our trees violently but they withstood. The only damage we received is a piece of tar paper that was peeled off our car ports roof. Glad to read your doing better in regards of cold. Also hope that Mrs. T recovers soon. Seems to be sound advice rather than nagging you receive from your kids.

  9. It looks as though you have your own winter wonderland. Glad you escaped the worst of the storm and dreaded power outages. As a blogging friend observed, New Englanders can face most anything as long as they have power. Also, glad you and Mrs. Tootlepedal are feeling, and how lovely that your children fret over you. Yes, a role reversal.

  10. Sorry to hear you both have been laid low with flu for so long. I am glad you have children who care! 🙂

    I have caught up with you again, and enjoyed the all the lichens, mosses, birds and beautiful scenery. I see you have snow. We have had none,yet. We have had unusually warm weather peaking at 70 degrees the other day, but are now back down in the 30s and 40s for the remainder of the week.

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