A small celebration


Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo from Manitoba.  She was shopping in Winnipeg at Cabella’s, a huge outdoor store where almost everything (including ladies’ underwear)  is available in a camouflage print, when she found herself being supervised by a bison.


After the excitement of the Birmingham outing, we had a very quiet day for the actual occasion of our golden wedding.  This was partly because although we have stopped coughing all the time, we are still quite tired after the bug and partly because it was a pretty horrible day outside, with a very stiff wind blowing and the standard issue low clouds shrouding the town again.

Our morning was greatly brightened by the arrival of a handsome bouquet from Mrs Tootlepedal’s brother, sister-in-law and mother.  It was generously sized to say the least.

Golden wedding bouquet

Later in the day, Mrs Tootlepedal got it all sorted into vases and put them on our kitchen table to display the full wonder.

Golden wedding bouquet

Our neighbour Liz dropped in to give us her good wishes (and a bottle of wine) and then Mrs Tootlepedal and I went off to the Buccleuch Centre to have a celebratory lunch.  It had a strong haggis element in it in honour of the national poet, Robert Burns, whose anniversary it is tomorrow.

By the time that we had got home, the wind had dropped a little and the weather looked as though it might stay dry so I got the slow bike out and battled along the five miles up the hill to Callister at a new record slow speed and then rolled back down hill and down wind into the town not much faster.

I am not at all fit and had to stop twice on the way up to get my breath back.

Wauchope Road

The rain had washed all the snow from our hills and the wind had dried the road up so in spite of being blown gently off the road a couple of time as I battled into the breeze, it was a pleasant pedal, even though my average speed ended up in single figures.  I was just happy to get out on a bike at all.

I went down to the river on my return journey and was glad to see that the water level had dropped a bit….

River Esk

…but sorry to see that high waters had swept away the turtle which had appeared last autumn….


…and withstood a small flood or two….


…but had encountered one now that was too strong for it.

No turtle

I found Mrs Tootlepedal speaking to another neighbour Gaye, who had come with a African Violet in a pot as a gift to mark the occasion.

We are going up to Edinburgh at the weekend to have a meal with our children so we won’t have been short of jollity to mark our golden wedding.  We just hope that the 100th one will be as much fun.

No flying bird today but I did pass a heron at Pool Corner when I was out on my bike so it is standing in today.

heron at Pool Corner



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60 thoughts on “A small celebration

  1. Glad you both enjoyed the day itself and that a cycle ride was taken. The flowers looked magnificent. Have a great meal with your family at the weekend, us southerners will be thinking of you all.

  2. Congratulations to you both on your golden anniversary. It sounds as if the occasion is being celebrated in fine style!

  3. Congratulations. I am sure I am sure not alone in wishing to see a photo of your wedding day 50 years ago, even if you did it like your hair style back then! Fifty years is well worth celebrating for a whole week!

    Sorry to see that stone turtle go.

  4. Congratulations on your 50th!
    I enjoyed the photos, and the stone turtle really did look like a turtle.

  5. The celebration continues! That amazing bouquet will certainly be a reminder that spring will soon be coming your way. Someone cut the fences in Yellowstone Park and freed a huge herd of bison..looks like one made it to Cabellas. Cabellas is an amazing store with more to see than can be imagined. I do hope you will soon be better. Maybe some rest? Would love to have seen the Lowry’s.

    1. I don’t like the amount of choice that you get in big stores. I am much more comfortable in our corner shop….though it doesn’t have a bison, I admit.

  6. I think that is the biggest bouquet I’ve ever seen, and what a great selection of flowers.
    That’s too bad about the turtle. I know a little bit about how much work went into it. The current must have been very strong.
    I hope your 100th is as much fun as this one too, and I hope I’m here to congratulate you.

  7. So many lovely ways to celebrate! Again, happy, happy! Also, I am impressed that you were able to ride at all in January after having the flu.

  8. A lovely table cloth buried under those masses of flowers (which are also lovely). Congratulations on your 50th – I second the motion to have you provide your wedding photo!

    1. The table cloth is temporary while Mrs T does some sanding of the surface of the table. I don’t think we have a wedding photo. It was a low key affair.

  9. So much to love in this post. I’ve seen that same bison at the Cabella’s closest to us. He does get around. A very impressive bouquet indeed! What a glorious way to help celebrate all those 50 years together. It’s wonderful you were able to get out and peddle a bit, but please don’t overdo it! I’m guessing the turtle photos were from an earlier time. It looks rather impressive. Pity the floods undid it. Continue returning to health now!

  10. Please add my congratulations on your 50th anniversary to the list! I also hope that the two of you are able to mark the 100th. I wish that you had better weather to mark the occasion though, and I’m sorry to hear that the turtle has gone.

  11. Beautiful golden bouquet to help celebrate your special day plus a bike ride- perfect. What was the weather like 50 years ago? Hope the turtle gets rebuilt.

  12. Shame about the turtle, but at least you have documented it so that future generations will be able to see it.

    Good to see you are still able to establish new speed records – a man needs targets and although you may be cycling slower you are still cycling. 🙂

  13. Congratulations to you both. Sadly, I’m catching up on your blog going backwards from the present, in Tardis mode. Forgive me but I haven’t been keeping up with your tootling on a daily basis. so I’ve only just found out about the joyous event. Cheers and many more to you both.

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