Almost a day of rest

Today’s guest picture shows the River Severn in good form at Worcester.  My brother Andrew was there yesterday celebrating his birthday on an outing with two of our sisters.

river severn at Worcester

I was a bit tired after a busy day yesterday and so I was very pleased to have a good excuse not to go rushing out in the morning in spite of some dry weather.

The excuse arrived for coffee bringing some of his excellent treacle scones.  Dropscone had walked round as his car is getting repaired.

After he left, I spent a little time looking out of the window but cloudy weather and several intermittent and unsuccessful fly-throughs by a sparrow hawk limited my chance for taking photographs.

I settled for a couple of portraits of sitters.



Mrs Tootlepedal went off to help serve the lunches at the Buccleuch Centre and I considered life for a while but eventually got up the energy to ignore a strong wind and grey skies and go out on my fairly speedy bike.

With the breeze gusting at over 20 mph into my face, my progress up hill for the first five miles can best be described as very steady and I was pleased to have the excuse to stop and take a picture of my favourite winter tree.

tree at Bloch

There is just something about its shape and position which really appeals to me.

It was quite a battle to get down to the bottom of the Canonbie by-pass but at least the wind stayed consistent and helped me back to Langholm.

I was more than a bit disappointed when it started to rain but unlike yesterday, the weather gods were just having a joke today and it stopped without really getting me wet at all.

I was able to enjoy a fine clump of snowdrops at the road side near Canonbie…

snowdrops in Canonbie

…and it shows what a few miles south and a small drop in height will do as some of them were fully out unlike ours at home.

It was too grey to take landscape pictures but I did take one more tree shot on the old A7 near Auchenrivock.  I liked the contrast in styles.

trees on old A7

After she had served the lunches, Mrs Tootlepedal had gone to a screening about a Cézanne exhibition at the Buccleuch Centre.  Dedicated to the portrait work of Paul Cézanne, the exhibition opens in Paris before travelling to London and Washington so she was lucky to be able to get a peek at it here.

In her absence, I had a walk round the garden.

It was cheering to see the leaves coming out on the honeysuckle…


…and I was interested to see that a new plant, a sarcococca, is in flower.


Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that it has a very fine scent.

I did think of going for a short walk as it was still dry but it was so gloomy outside that I discarded the idea and did some pro relaxing instead.

I managed to stir my stumps enough to put an edition of the Langholm Parish Church newsletter of 1966, scanned and formatted by Sandy, onto our Archive website and I also put in some much needed learning practice on our Carlisle Choir songs.

Regarding the Archive Group website, I was interested to receive a report from Google today on our performance.  There was a pleasing number of clicks for such a specialised interest but some of the stuffing was knocked out of my modest pride when I checked for the search terms which  had brought visitors to the site.

I am not sure that the person who was searching for “second hand cars in Langholm” will have found what he wanted!  Some of the other search terms made me wonder why our website had turned up in the search results at all.  Still, some of the people who had arrived were definitely looking for answers that we could provide so not all was lost.

It is still cloudy as I write this in the evening and the forecast for tomorrow is terrible, full of wind and rain and snow so I don’t think that we are going to be able to see the much talked abut “blue moon” tomorrow night.    I shall keep an eye out just in case there is a break in the clouds.

No flying bird in the gloom today so a robin is sitting in instead.



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31 thoughts on “Almost a day of rest

  1. I always enjoy your photos and daily adventures. We have had no birds to speak of here today (near Woodstock NY in the US), and I suspect there may be some predator bird hanging around scowling at them. A few very fat squirrels have ventured out, so it can’t be anything like a giant animal, I would think. We also had a tiny flurry of snow, so little that it hardly wet the ground, so our weather today is also rather fooling with us.

      1. I hope so too. It seems to go in short cycles, not seasonal like migration. The squirrels are certainly making hay while there is no competition!

  2. The sarcococca is said to have a very intense fragrance. I’d love to smell one someday but for now I’m just happy seeing its flowers.
    The snowdrops were a pleasure too.
    You favorite tree seems to have near perfect proportions. It looks like it might be an oak.

  3. We have a Sarcococca (Christmas Box) and the scent is truly wonderful! I hope your one thrives in your garden. I am not looking forward to the windy weather tomorrow either. Wednesdays seem to be the favoured day for wind! I like all your bird portraits today and the tree silhouettes are lovely!

  4. Hi tootlepedal, Just catching up on your blog posts, really enjoying the read before I set off for work. Sadly, I’m in the car today as we have very blustery showers of sleet, accompanied by quite strong winds. I’m almost in pro relaxing mode going to work. “Pro relaxing” has made my week so far. Cheers.

  5. The birds really posed for your lovely photos and it’s good to see the real signs of spring in your garden. The solitary tree is magnificent – it’s splendid throughout the seasons.

  6. I’m not at pro level for relaxing, but think I manage a very respectable amateur effort.

    Well done on making historical information available on the Archive Group website. May it prove useful to more than time-travelling shoppers looking for used cars.

  7. Those are beautiful portraits of the sitting birds!

    I have never heard of a sarcococca, and looked up the plant. That sounds like a lovely specimen to have in the garden.

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