Once in a blue moon

The forecast was right, the sky cleared and I got a look at the famous moon.Β  It was too high for any colour and too far east for any eclipse but all the same, I thought that it was well worth a look.

It is absolutely fantastic to me, born well before the space age, to think that people have been there and wonderful to think that technological progress has put the means of seeing the moon so closely into the hands of anyone with a half decent camera.

blue moonblue moon_DSC1012blue moon


Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

41 thoughts on “Once in a blue moon

  1. Beautiful moon shots! We had rain yesterday evening, but it cleared a little during the night, and I could see the moon for a short while. More clouds wandered in from the west soon after, and all was overcast by morning. It still is this evening. No moon viewing tonight.

  2. Wonderful photos! Way too overcast for us to see anything but that didn’t stop us from trying. It seemed I’d just nod off and another alarm would go off…just on the off-chance it had cleared. It didn’t😊

  3. Wonderful pictures! How we love that glowing moon! I was able to see it rise red over the horizon last night. Beautiful!

      1. A beautiful sight! I don’t recall ever seeing it that red before.

  4. I too was lucky enough to view this blue moon, last night and for a long time this morning neither time did it have a hint of blue. One could see clearly that it was larger than usual and magnificently bright. Cheers

  5. We managed to catch the total eclipse from a cape sticking out into the Pacific. It was a very clear, but cold night. The bright stars alone were worth staying up for. Pity you didn’t manage to get the eclipse effect at your location. That would have been icing on the cake (or moon?)

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