One sided


Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone’s recent walk.  He met an old quarry.


It depends on how you look at things.  If you catch my good side, I look pretty well undamaged.  From the other side, I am still a mess but fortunately my good looks seem to be all that has been damaged as I was able to walk up to the town after breakfast and then go to the producers’ market to do some shopping without any trouble.

As far as I can see (which I admit is not very far because my good eye is a bit swollen), the only bad result of my careless moment is a stiff neck and a sore cheek so I count myself very fortunate.

I did think it wise to have a quiet day at home today and in this I was helped by some grey and drizzly weather which didn’t encourage frolicking about outdoors.

It left me with time to watch the birds and there were a lot of birds to watch today.

busy feeder

Chiefly goldfinches and siskins….


….but we had a visit from a brambling, the first I have seen in the garden this year…


…though Mrs Tootlepedal saw one earlier in the winter when I was out.  I hope it comes again with some friends as bramblings are very handsome birds.


I was pleased to see two robins at the same time as they have been a bit scarce lately and I always worry that visiting cats may catch them as they robins seem to like walking about as much as flying.


The constant activity at the feeders led to some head to head confrontations.

chaffinch and siskin

goldfinch and siskin

goldfinch and siskin

I noticed a very brown blackbird….


…and in fact it was so pale and brown that I wondered if it really was a blackbird but I think that it is.

My favourite shot of the day was two goldfinches in the plum tree.


My afternoon didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped as I made the mistake of watching Scotland trying to play rugby.  After a very promising autumn series, they reverted to type today and dropped the ball on every possible occasion.

Still, I had been able to purchase ample supplies of cod’s roe at the market in the morning so I cheered myself up with a large plate of my  favourite food for tea. Fried lightly in a bit of butter and sprinkled with a little salt, there is no better meal to be  had than cod’s roe.

Mrs Tootlepedal is bearing up as well as can be expected considering that she is living with a gargoyle and I was reminded of the poem that goes

For beauty I am not a star,

There are others more perfect by far,
But my face I don’t mind it,
For I am behind it,
It is those in front that I jar.

How true.

This poem is often attributed to Woodrow Wilson, who quoted it a lot, but it was written by man called Anthony Euwer.

You can tell that I am bit bored.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch.

flying goldfinch






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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

40 thoughts on “One sided

  1. The poem made me laugh! I agree on the best photo of the day and I also love seeing the brambling and the round little robin. Our big robins also walk around a lot. I’m glad you had drizzle and did not have to miss a fine day.

  2. I’ve often suspected that fighting against boredom is what keeps us alive. Nice that your quiet day was rewarded with a sighting of the brambling. I’m having a hard time deciding whether to choose that first head to head confrontation or the two goldfinches for a favorite image. We’ll just call it a tie.

  3. Wonderful bird photos! So fortunate you didn’t hurt yourself worse than you did. My leg took quite a while to heal, and even now there is still a bruise.

  4. These are very dramatic and beautiful bird photos and I agree on your favorite. I do think you are putting on your brave face about your injuries as I know the day after can be very painful. The poem is a jewel. I do hope you continue to heal.

  5. I’m glad that you’re not as badly hurt as it looked in your photos yesterday, maybe a little more rest will help you to recover fully from that nagging bug that you had.

    Nice to see all the regulars at the feeders and on the ground, with the added bonus of a brambling.

  6. It’s good to hear you are doing better; please stay off the quarry road!
    I liked the poem.

    The brambling is a handsome bird; it looks to be about the size of our robins.

  7. Sorry to have missed yesterday’s downfall – was out by the sea as the newest aircraft carrier left the harbour with its total aircraft load of … 2 Chinook helicopters – so yours is not the only red face about. Glad your injuries have not proved any worse than they look and stunned that you could pass through A and E at that speed. I like that poem and have had many occasion to chant it at critical friends – good to know the author. Wishing you a steady recovery and many commiserations to Mrs T.

  8. Very jealous of your shots of the Brambling.
    Coincidentally we spotted one on Friday, (at RHS Wisley), the first for us for a couple of years. I completely failed to get a photo, my wife managed a great shot of the post it had been perched on!
    Glad to hear that your injuries are “only” as bad as they look.
    Hope they heal fast.

  9. Pleased that your injuries haven’t dented your humour! Love the bird photos especially the you say a handsome fellow.

  10. Love your poem. I feel like that about my wrinkles. I feel 18 years old, but it’s the folk that have to look at my mush that see otherwise. I am sure that in no time you will have those rugged good looks back.
    Beautiful bird photographs. A robin always does it for me, nostalgic, we don’t get them over here – just parrots with over-the-top plumage.

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