Rising above it

Down below is the busy resort of Playa de Las Americas

Today’s guest picture comes from my ex-colleague Ada.  She has been enjoying the sun in Tenerife and sent me this picture to torment me as we watched the snow come down here.

Down below is the busy resort of Playa de Las Americas
Down below is the busy resort of Playa de Las Americas

Here is the contrasting view from our bedroom window this morning.

snowy garden

And it kept on snowing for some time…

chaffinch in snow

…leading to some poor manners at the ground feeding station.

blackbird and robin

Dropscone dropped in for coffee, not only bringing the traditional scones but also rich gifts of sardines which he had picked up at a very reasonable price on his way back from a meeting up the borders last night.  He is an expert at finding very good ‘end of day’ offers at supermarkets.

The price of the sardines reflected the fact that today was their last use by date so Mrs Tootlepedal and I enjoyed pan fried sardines for our lunch.  They were very good.

The snow stopped and the day brightened up a lot….

starlings and goldfinches
A couple of starlings joined our usual visitors

….so when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to help out at the Buccleuch Centre coffee shop, I put on my wellies and went for a walk.

I checked on the bridge as I set out.

dam bridge repair

The men had only worked for a relatively short time this morning but whether that was because of the snow or because they are waiting for things to set, I don’t know.

I left the bridge and headed for the top of Warbla, hoping to get there before any new snow showers appeared.

In fact, as I walked up the hill, the skies cleared and the sun came out, first on nearby hills….

snow on the hills Arkleton

…and then, as I followed the advice of the pheasants to go this way…

pheasant print in snow

…on the track where I was walking.

Warbla in snow

Even more pleasingly, it stayed out for the rest of my walk and I was able to enjoy a view across the valley to the felled Becks Wood which I visited a  day or two ago.  They have been very busy tidying the felled trees up.

pBecks wood from Warbla

At the top of the hill, there is an old trig point, elevation 276m, which showed which way the wind was blowing this morning…

Warbla trig point snow

…and some good views.

Esk valley with snow

By this time, the sun had removed all the snow from the lower slopes.

langholm with surrounding snow

I met a man in a car at the summit, where there are several masts, who told me that he was working for EE.  As EE is the telephone company that provides my mobile reception, I was pleased to see that they were on the job even in snowy conditions.

I used the phone connection while I was up on the hill to show that my face is pretty well back to normal after the ugly business of 12 days ago.

selfie on Warbla

I put the fairly rapid healing down to liberal use of arnica.

I thought that the redundant stile at the top of the hill was looking good but went through the new gate beside it on my way down.

stile on Warbla

I had noticed as I had come up the hill, that the telephone engineer’s car had stopped several times and the driver had got out for some curious reason.  As I followed it back down the hill….

EE car on Warbla

…it stopped several times again.  The mystery was solved when I saw the driver get out and take photographs.  It was good to know that he was enjoying the views as much as I was.  He kindly offered me a lift but it seemed like too good a day not to walk.  Besides, I wanted to take more photos.

Looking across the valley, I could see three timber wagons waiting to pick up logs from the enormous pile at the Becks Wood.

Becks wood timber wagons

When I got to the wood at the bottom of the hill, I stopped to look at the moss on the wall.  Although moss often looks rather short and stumpy on a wall, if you pull a single strand out, it turns out to be longer and thinner than expected.


Once again, there were a lot of different sorts of moss close together.


I passed a very sunny horse….

sunny horse

…and made my way back to the garden where I got quite excited by a daffodil bud.

daffodil bud

I had made a lamb stew in the slow cooker in the morning and Mrs Tootlepedal cooked some potatoes and green veg to go with it and the resultant evening meal made a good ending to day which turned out to be a lot better than it had looked likely to be when we woke up in the snow.

The flying (jumping) bird of the day is one of the starlings leaving the feeders.

flying starling

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41 thoughts on “Rising above it

  1. It looks like it was a fine day in spite of the snow. It would be nice to climb a hill. The sun hardly ever comes out that quickly here after a storm, but Saturday looks promising.
    The long, thin mosses might be tree mosses.
    I’m glad the bruise disappeared so quickly, and I’m happy to see a daffodil showing color.

  2. From what I can see in your picture you look well and good looking Tom. Ready for Hollywood! 🙂

  3. The views from the hilltops are beautiful. Glad to see your injuries have mostly healed. We had sunshine here today after endless snow and ice and everyone is just giddy.

  4. I loved the views of the countryside that you shot while you were on your walk, the freshly fallen snow looks inviting in the photos, and it also helps to show the lay of the land better than when there’s no snow on the ground.

    The bumps, bruises and scrapes from your fall hardly show at all, you’re healing well which is a good sign of your overall health.

  5. Perhaps the guest picture was meant to inspire rather than torment. Sounds like it turned out quite well after all. And your snow images were very lovely. Thank you for the reminder to apply arnica in dire circumstances. I sometimes forget how helpful it can be. The jumping bird almost looks like a diving bird.

    1. I haver great faith in arnica for no other reason than that it seems to help me when I need it. It may be all in the mind but it is worth paying for all the same.

    1. I wondered if he had to get out and push his car on the uphill journey so I was pleased to see that it was something more rewarding that had stopped him in his tracks (literally).

  6. Lovely snowy views. The monolith and the snow domed hills look like something from a sci-fi movie! Pleased that a starling has managed to be granted a final FBD slot. Good to see your face is now symmetric again!

  7. Great that your face has healed so well! And you are able to bring us these snowy landscapes. I can’t other than hope that the Olympic ski jumpers get style points comparable to your flying bird.

  8. I concur with all previous commenters. You look marvelous. And thanks for showing so well what a beautiful place you have to walk. I wince only a little at the sight of logging trucks. Hope for spring is your daffodil.

    1. The logging trucks mean wages and they are pretty scarce round here so they bring some benefit to the area. This was a commercially planted wood so they are not destroying ancient heritage.

  9. You are back to your usual handsome self. I find arnica very effective on aches and pains. I like the fuzzy nosed sunny horse. I’m glad that the phone worker guy enjoyed the good views, too.

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