A bit more out and about

mizzen head Ireland

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone who is on holiday.  He and his family visited Mizzen Head.  It is not on my list of places to visit for obvious reasons.

mizzen head Ireland

For the first time for what seems like ages, we had quite a warm day today with the thermometer gently pushing at 10°C and it was genuinely pleasant to step out of the door into the garden.

I had to go up to the Day Centre to collect the key for the camera club meeting in the evening and I took the opportunity to do a little shopping and gossiping in the High Street while I was about it.

By the time that I had strolled home, made a cup of coffee and done the crossword, I didn’t have much time left to look at the birds…


…who were generally….


…looking left today….


…and take a walk round the garden, which was full of soggy snowdrops (it had rained again in the night)….

wet snowdrops

…interesting moss…


…and more interesting moss….


…some of which looked liked this when viewed in close up.


After fortifying myself with sardine sandwiches, I got my slow bike out and went for another test ride to see how I was.

I managed to go a bit further (20 miles) and a bit faster (11mph) than two days ago so this was encouraging.  I would have more pleased if the last few miles hadn’t been such an effort but I got round and that was the main thing.

I completed my usual Canonbie circuit and was never more pleased to go past my three favourite trees on the way.

three trees Canonbie

I was concentrating quite hard on the actual pedalling (and trying to avoid any potholes) so I didn’t stop for many photos but I always enjoy the silhouette of this monkey puzzle tree near Canonbie….

Monkey puzzle

…and of course, a wall has enough attractions to stop you in your tracks at any time.

This one had gorse on top of it and lots of very emerald green moss clumps on its face.

gorse and moss

I took a close look at the moss. Some of the clumps resembled bracket fungi in the way that they stood out from the wall.


And there were ferns too.


Mrs Tootlepedal was making good use of the warm day by busying herself in the garden when I got back so I had a look round.  Crocuses are beginning to show up well….


…and the avenue of snowdrops along the back path is looking good too…

snowdrops in garden

…but the most interesting thing in the garden wasn’t a flower at all.


A real sign of spring.

The frogs may not be too happy though when it gets cold again later in the week.

The evening was quite busy as my flute pupil Luke came and we worked at  a couple of sonatas, very satisfactorily in the slow movements but leaving a bit of room for practice on the allegros.

And then, after tea, it was time for the camera club meeting and thanks to rival meetings, we were a bit short of numbers but the quality of the images supplied by the members more than made up for this.

As usual there was plenty to admire and quite a bit to learn as well so it was a thoroughly worthwhile evening.

It has been a quiet time as far as the dam bridge repairs go but some more shuttering was put in place today…

dam bridge repairs

…and concrete will be laid tomorrow so progress is being made.   We are wondering if the Queen will be available for the official opening.

I had several flying birds of the day to choose from but as they were all chaffinches and all at the same angle, I couldn’t make up my mind and so I have put them all in.

flying chaffinches

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25 thoughts on “A bit more out and about

  1. I’ve never seen a moss stand out like a bracket fungus. I think the one in your closeup is another example of the Polytrichum hair cap moss that you showed with splash cups the other day. But maybe not.
    Nice to see the crocuses and the path with snowdrops.
    It was nice to see the frog too. I’m anxious to hear our spring peepers sing again.

  2. Snowdrops, crocus, and a frog, sure signs of spring I hope. Although, I read that you may be in for a very cold month of March, I hope that it doesn’t happen.

    If the Queen does show up for the re-opening of the bridge, there may not be room on the bridge itself for every one that shows up for the ceremony.

  3. As always, you have some beautiful pictures. Our crocuses are just peeping out from among the leaves–narrow green stems with a bit of color on the top. In the fall I put layers of maple leaves on the flowers as mulch. This afternoon, since it was warm, and I noticed the crocuses starting to come through the soil, I took some of the leaves off. After this winter, seeing the crocuses, daffodils and daylillies starting to poke through the dirt is wonderful. (This is the time of year I get really tired of winter).

  4. I think you should try to get Andy Murray to re-open the bridge. Glad you are continuing to improve. Your snowdrops look fabulous, mine are still sulking and not opening out. Lovely to see the frog, but he might want to go back to sleep as I think it is supposed to get really cold again.

  5. The tree shots are lovely, especially the monkey puzzle tree, which I have never seen. Mrs. T’s garden avenue is so inviting even the frog couldn’t resist an early visit. Dropscone’s shot of Mizzen Head is amazing and scary at the same time.

  6. I’m with you re. avoiding Dropscone’s bridge – yikes – the photo is enough for me. I look forward to seeing the progress on the bridge near your house – there’s quite a discrepancy in heights between the concrete and the asphalt – will be interesting to see how that’s managed.

  7. Really great that you’ve been out and about on your cycling excursions and seeing your favourite trees again. Hope all your pretty spring flowers and frog survive the winter weather that is about to return. The cold may even bring even more birds to your feeders .

  8. The avenue of snowdrops is very pretty and I was pleased to see those three trees and the monkey puzzle. We are not looking forward to the cold weather at the end of the week!

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