Modesty prevents me….no it doesn’t.

Today’s guest picture shows Langholm exile Tom getting ready to set off on the Capetown Cycle Tour  a few days ago.  He tells me that it is 109 kms around the peninsula, with great views but the route is hilly.

Tom biking in SA

He suggested that it might be just the thing for me next year but I fear that the bus fare to get there might be a bit steep too.

I should have been able to excite readers with a selection of exciting bird and frog pictures but I took the card out of my camera and put it down somewhere so sensible that I can’t find it all.  You will have to imagine the birds and frogs and this shouldn’t be too hard as they will be much the same as ever.

I had a quiet morning as Mrs Tootlepedal went off early  to visit Matilda in Edinburgh and I retired to bed until lunch time as I had had  a very poor night’s sleep.

The fact that it was raining all morning as well as being cold and windy made staying in bed seem like a really good idea.

In the afternoon, I went to Carlisle and discussed bikes with the bike shop man.  He showed me a picture of the crack in the fairly speedy bike…

cracked bike

…which looked quite serious to me.   It is possible to get an aluminium frame crack welded but I am not going to do it because if one has appeared, it seems likely that another one might follow it.  The bike has been bumping over our rotten roads for many years on high pressure tyres and I feel that it doesn’t owe me anything and can be gracefully retired.

Besides, it is exciting to be contemplating a new bike, even at my age.

Oh, Mrs Tootlepedal has just come in with the camera card which needed her skills to be found.  Here is a late bird and frog show.

A happy frog…


…a cautious chaffinch…


…and a chaffinch catastrophe.  Ouch.


Back to the story in Carlisle:

After doing the new bike contemplation, I went to the station to meet Mrs Tootlepedal.  She had had a day of misfiring transport links with late buses and a missed train but had still managed to have an enjoyable lunch with Matilda and her father.

The reason for the early start and return was the need to be present as our Carlisle choir sang in the Carlisle Music Festival.  We were entered in two classes for open choirs, one with seven entries and one with four.  Rather to our surprise, we won the larger of the two classes and came second in the other.

The shield for the winning choir was enormous….

choir at Carlisle music festival

…which was only fair because our choir is enormous too.

choir at Carlisle music festival

This is about half of them.

Our very talented conductor can be seen in the back row looking justifiably proud of his work.

What with considering a new bicycle and singing in the choir, the day ended a great deal better than it had begun.

I even caught a flying bird of the day while I was having my sardine sandwich for lunch.




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37 thoughts on “Modesty prevents me….no it doesn’t.

  1. Congratulations on taking the golden shield. It is big and should look good on a wall.
    The bike looks like it had a bad crack in a bad place so I think I’d replace it to. It would probably never look the same if it were welded anyhow.
    I’ve left the house and driven many miles only to find that the camera didn’t have a card in it, so you’re not alone.

  2. The Stanley Cup (ice hockey) is apparently bounced around the home communities of the team’s players – will you do the same with that magnificent shield?

  3. Congratulations on the choirs doing so well in the competitions!

    Seeing where the bike frame was cracked and how the crack formed, I agree, welding would be a temporary fix as the metal is quite fatigued from years of shock and stress, time for a new bike.

  4. I’m really looking forward to any further research you do deciding what model to get for your new bike. There are so many to choose from these days. Well done to you and your other choir members. Cheers.

  5. Congratulations to the choir who must certainly have gained extra points for being handsome as well as talented. And that shield is amazing.
    Putting things in a safe place is my superpower. I can lose things and not leave my chair, only to see it an hour later in plain view right in front of me. Leprechauns.
    Great flying bird photo today. An interesting angle.

  6. A good day all around! Congratulations to the Langholm Choir!

    It does sound like metal fatigue on the old bike, and a new one is in order. The old one is probably still good for rigging up a generator to produce electricity. 🙂

    The happy frog is a very pleasing photo! The more interesting things become over here in my country, the more I look to any creature that is happy, smiling and well-adjusted to provide some balance to life. The Scottish frog has my vote. Too bad we can’t elect one. 🙂

    1. You have my sympathy but even a happy frog might not be up to the job of battling the huge army of billionaire lobbyists who seem to your (and our) country these days whoever is in charge.

  7. Well done to the choir- a great achievement to go with the great shield. Wonder who has to look after the shield and clean it …maybe you all take it in turns. Good job you are getting a new bike that crack looks very dangerous. Glad I’m not the only one who misplaces items!

    1. Choosing things is stressful. Unless you are a cyclist, you will have no idea about the possibilities. There are probably thousands of possible combinations of kit.

  8. Was that the same bicycle that you were riding when you fell? That crack doesn’t appear to bode well for avoiding other potential falls.

    Coincidentally, I am retiring a much loved camera. It’s auto-focus was having fits and I had been yearning for a newer, more powerful one. We spent a few days on the road, staying in the new camper, for a trip to the big city to choose the new camera. I hope I can manage to live up to its potential. Now comes the challenge of learning at least the most essential buttons.

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