Him indoors

Somerset floods

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my Somerset correspondent, Venetia and is a timely reminder to me not to complain too much about the weather as it shows fields in Somerset under a good deal of water.

Somerset floods

In spite of just saying that I wasn’t going to complain about the weather, I am.

We had a truly miserable day, just above freezing but with a ‘feels like’ of -3 or 4 degrees, not the ideal day for an Easter bank holiday.  It was made all the more miserable by a constant drizzle of snow, sleet or rain which never let up. …but at least we weren’t flooded.

I spent the morning in the Welcome to Langholm Office, occasionally welcoming people and putting a couple of weeks of the newspaper index into the Archive database.

I spent the afternoon at home looking out of the window at this:


It was quite windy too but the birds surprised me by their toughness in heading for the feeders under these conditions….

flying chaffinch

…in big numbers.


At one time or another, we had goldfinches…


and siskins…


…who after a quiet start, got busy with arguments…


….and disputations.


I found an enormous crossword to do and I also put some work into changing the energy suppliers for the Archive Centre and between these activities and looking out of the window and muttering in a surly sort of way, I passed the time.

In general, it wasn’t a day that was really worth dignifying by recording it in the blog at all so I will keep this brief.

It was actually quite hard to find a flying bird by itself today because there was so  much traffic at the feeder so the flying bird of the day has a friend in the background.

flying chaffinch

It says it is going to rain for almost all of the next two days:  time for some serious flute and singing practice I think.  At least it is going to get a bit warmer.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

24 thoughts on “Him indoors

  1. In some ways, it’s almost scary how similar the weather there in Scotland is to the weather that we have here right now. At least you can photograph the birds and their antics at the feeder as you grumble about the weather.

  2. With your rain and sleet, Somerset’s flooded fields, and our windchills in the -20 to -30 range, we could start a complainers’ club. We’ve had lots of sun and a warm spell took away a lot of snow, so now we’re walking in the sun on dry streets while wearing winter parkas. Grump . . .

  3. A valid excuse for a break from the raised beds might have made the day a little easier to take,
    We had your weather here for the morning today. It was disappointing and hard to work in. I hope your forecast is a little brighter than it sounds.

  4. Those birds are hungry, whatever the weather. A rainy day is a good time to get indoor chores done, but after a long winter, what we want is to be outdoors.

  5. As you most probably know the House Sparrow was number 1 in RSPB Birdwatch, Goldfinches 9th and Siskins 24th …I think all the siskins are in your garden… and the sparrows must be in your hedge trying to keep dry! Enjoy the warmer spell that’s coming.

  6. We had similar weather on Easter Sunday, without nearly as many birds around. (We don’t do feeders because of cats, but also, our birds are just not as cute as your birds.)

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