Terrifying ladybird

Tom's walk

Today’s guest picture comes from Langholm exile Tom.  He sent me this delightful view, taken on his morning walk in South Africa.

Tom's walk

There are far too many pictures in today’s post but when the sun shines after so much gloom, it is hard to stop the shutter finger clicking.

It was a beautiful day in Langholm today…

Beautiful day in Langholm

…so it was a bit sad that I had volunteered to spend most of the morning in  the Welcome to Langholm office, especially in view of the fact that I had no visitors to welcome.

When I got home, there was time to mow the front lawn, hunt for tadpoles…


…note signs of spring (plum tree on left and sliver pear in the middle)…

signs of spring

…check out the growing river of grape hyacinths…

hyacinyth river

…applaud the first tulips of the year….


…capture the daffodil(s) of the day…


…and go in for lunch.

There were birds about, both peaceful…

chaffinch and goldfinch

…and excited.


All too soon, it was time to drive to Lockerbie to catch the train to visit Matilda, her parents and her other grandparents in Edinburgh.

The train journey was the only time all day when the sun didn’t shine….

Tinto hills
Tinto Hills shot from the train window.

…but it was sunny in Edinburgh when we got there.

Matilda and her parents were visiting her other grandparents who were visiting from Cambridge.  They  have a pied a terre in Edinburgh, with a fine camellia by the door.


Matilda was waiting for us and it only took the addition of a mask to turn Matilda from a small serious child….


…into superhero Ladybug.   She saved us from innumerable evils with great aplomb.

It was a day for a walk but Matilda had already been to the Botanic gardens which are not far away so she turned the offer of a second visit and the grandparents made an excursion by themselves.

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh,  free to enter, is a treat.  It was ideally suited today for a gentle grandparently stroll in the sun.

Botanic Garden
Mrs Tootlepedal, Eileen and Francis take the air

I took too many pictures and I have put a selection of them here.  As well as catkins….

Botanic Garden catkins

…and exuberant flowers…


…and more modest flowers…


…there were well designed corners…


…plentiful signs of spring…

botanic gardens

…and Chinese gardens with streams and bridges.

botanic gardens

And there were other interesting things too, like a magpie and a tree creeper…

magpie and tree creeper

…which was obligingly creeping up a tree when we saw it…

…and a grey squirrel.

botanic gardens squirrel

We didn’t have long, although it would have been easy to have spent hours enjoying the sights…

botanic gardens
The prettiest flowers of the tour
botanic gardens
This bed was a mystery

…did I say that there were catkins?

botanic gardens

…and we had reluctantly to drag ourselves away from the garden to go for our evening meal.  Matilda’s aunt and cousin who also live in Edinburgh came to join us so nine of us sat down for a family meal.  It was rounded off by a serving of Mrs Tootlepedal’s sticky toffee pudding which we had brought up with us on the train.

With the aid of a handy app, Alistair was able to get us out of the house in perfect time to catch the bus back to the station and we walked along Princes Street to the station in the evening sunshine.  Arthur’s Seat formed a backdrop to the city and…

Arthur's seat

…a good crowd were enjoying the view from the top of the hill.

Arthur's seat

Our journey home went well and we arrived back, tired but happy after a busy day.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch in the sun.

flying chaffinch

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

35 thoughts on “Terrifying ladybird

  1. Nice to see the blue of the grape hyacinths.
    Everything about the botanic garden was beautiful. It’s amazing to think that lilies and rhododendrons are blooming already. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a greener or neater lawn.
    Also amazing is how fast Matilda is growing.

  2. All your photos are very sharp and well color balanced.
    Matilda is growing up so fast.
    I see the my “Nutcase” squirrel has a Scot cousin… 🙂

  3. Yes, that Royal Botanic Garden is a beauty. And what a fierce little super hero Ladybird (or Ladybug, as we call them here). I’d want her on my side, that’s for sure.

  4. The tour of the Royal Botanical Gardens was wonderful with all of the beautiful flowers already in bloom there. I can’t believe that they don’t charge an entrance fee.

    The FBOTD is also exceptional as were the daffodils of the day, you’re really on a roll as far as great images for both of your series of photos.

    1. Thank you Jerry. I was pleased to find that the gardens are still free to enter. You can pay money for a map and other things but the free entry is fine for a short visit.

  5. The FBOTD is wonderful – I like how it shows the feathers at the wingtips curled up and spread out. I don’t blame you for snapping a lot – the gardens are beautiful.

  6. I’ve always wanted to visit the R. Botanical Gardens and now I have…thank you! The gunnera look just like ours …flattened by the Beast from the East….they may perk up but ours hasn’t …yet! Great FBOTD…looking so perky in the sunshine!

  7. A good thing you were saved by superhero Ladybug! I’d hate to imagine the many evils lurking in Edinburgh! What very lovely weather you enjoyed on this charming day and outing. Our spring doesn’t seem to have progressed quite as much, but I suspect that it will slip by far too fast (as you mentioned in a previous comment)! Still…. some lovely captures from the Redwoods should be coming up shortly. I can’t imagine how you find the time to post daily with all the other activities you describe! I suppose it all keeps you out of mischief! 😀

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