Showers and sunshine

fernery York

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew, who thought that this picture of the fernery at York on a rainy day might interest me after my fern walk with Mike a few  days ago.  He was right.  It interested Mike too.

fernery York

We had another cool and windy day here, with occasional heavy showers.  I had to go up to the Moorland Feeders as a fill in feeder filler for Sandy, who is sunning himself by the beach somewhere far to the south (lucky chap).

There were not many birds about so I enjoyed some of the tree features…

laverock hide trees

..until a few birds turned up.



Maybe the very brisk wind which you can see ruffling this siskin’s feathers had put the birds off…

blowy siskin

…but it certainly put me off and as Mrs Tootlepedal hadn’t seen anything interesting in the raptor line as she scanned the hillside, we went home…

…where it soon started raining.

busy feeder in the rain

However, it is April so the showers were intermittent and I got out into the garden from time to time.

The tulips are punctuating the daffodils with spots of colour…

tulips and affodils

…and standing alone too.

red tulips

In the pond many tadpoles and snails are to be seen.

tadpole and snail in pond

Mrs Tootlepedal has been trying to find out where the pond is leaking as it has been losing water whenever it stops raining lately.  She has done some serious detective work and today, she added some practical digging and stone shifting and she thinks that she has cracked the problem.

I took pictures of euphorbia and muscari to show the contrast mixture of  rain and sun we had today…

euphorbia and muscari

…for which a couple of tulips provided corroborative evidence.

tulips with rain drops

I found my daffodil of the day….


…and then went upstairs to take a couple of general views of the garden.  Here is the front  lawn and its surrounding beds…

view of front lawn

..and here is the middle lawn with a glimpse of the vegetable garden to the right.

view of garden

It doesn’t look bad considering the miserable spring  we have had so far.

The blackbirds still seem to be busy nesting and the female had come out for a break.


I made some soup for lunch and then we set off (through an horrendously heavy shower) for Lockerbie (where it wasn’t raining) to catch the train to Edinburgh to see Matilda and her parents.

I like to stretch my legs on the platform after the drive over and before catching the train and I always enjoy the infinite geometry of railway lines.

Lockerbie station

Our  trip to Edinburgh went well.  We caught a glimpse of the alternative grandparents and then turned some dough which Matilda had made with her other granny into bread rolls, enjoyed some football cards  and had a very tasty meal of home made pizza  before setting off to come home.

By this time the weather had cleared up and we decided to walk back to the station.  On the way, Mrs Tootlepedal spotted both some fine lichen…

Edinburgh lichen

…and a grey squirrel…

edinburgh squirrel

…while my eyes turned to the flag flying at Holyroodhouse with Arthur’s Seat behind it…

Arthurs Seat and Holyrood House

…and a selection of buildings which we passed as we walked along.

Views from Regent road Edinburgh

We were a bit alarmed to find that the incoming train from Manchester, which we catch on its way back south, hadn’t even arrived at the station by the time that we due to leave and I expected a long delay.  Mercifully and very surprisingly, the train drew in some four minutes after it was due to leave and left only three minutes later!  In the end we were only eight minutes late getting home.  What a relief.

And the pond hadn’t lost any water so it looks as though Mrs Tootlepedal has cracked the problem.

The flying bird of the day showed off the strength of the wind very well.

flying chaffinch



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32 thoughts on “Showers and sunshine

  1. I don’t know whether it’s because of the enveloping low hedge, or the soft effect of the spring green, or because as I read/write this I’m snuggled up in my bed, but your front lawn and surrounding beds look all cosy.

  2. I saw that woodpecker’s cousin today but of course I couldn’t get a photo.
    The gardens and lawns are beautiful. As I’ve said before the photos look just like they came out of a gardening magazine. Such a lot of work, but also such a lot of beauty and satisfaction.
    That’s a beautiful lichen too.

  3. Your garden is absolutely incredible. I would need a map or I might get lost in it. How small birds manage strong winds boggles the mind. By comparison in a reluctant spring…you’re way ahead of us.

  4. That Mrs. Tootlepedal is a wonder, she is. I pride myself on being industrious, but she puts me to shame. I absolutely love the daffodil of the day.

  5. The tadpoles and snail are my favorites for today, although it is always hard to choose among so many of your spring photos. I love the photos of the Tootlepedal gardens from above.

  6. How lovely to see a beautiful garden with pretty borders in harmony with well mown lawns. The new seating area looks perfect for a sit down in the sun! Love the daffodil of the day.

  7. The gardens are stunning, maybe not as large as a botanical garden, but for a home, what a treat to have such views everyday during growing season!

    I also enjoyed seeing the buildings that you photographed in Edinburgh, and I’m glad that you weren’t delayed by the late train too much after such a busy day.

    It’s also good to hear that the pond has been repaired so that the tadpoles and frogs are safe.

  8. Sounds like a great day out. I was a bit taken aback at the thought of it stopping raining, which you mentioned when talking about the pond. It hasn’t stopped raining here.

  9. Tom, I shared a link to your lovely lawn and garden today on my blog . I hope you don’t mind. I enjoy your and Mrs T’s hard work and the results you share with us.

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