Left handed photography

8 of 96 El Parque de Buen Retiro

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who appears to be spending May Day in Madrid.  He visited El Parque de Buen Retiro where he admired the colossal statue of Alfonse XIII, best viewed from across the boating lake.

8 of 96 El Parque de Buen Retiro

After putting on a good show for the visit of Mary Jo yesterday, the local weather gods fell back exhausted today and we reverted to mostly grey skies, a very cold wind and rain later. It didn’t matter all that much to me but Mrs Tootlepedal has got very fed with gardening in the cold.

She had woken up early and done quite a bit of good work in the garden before breakfast and then after breakfast, she decided to drive to the council dump, 18 miles away to get rid of the old vegetable bed boards, the old bench and sundry other items.

I had woken up with a very tender and arthritic thumb with a considerably swollen right hand so my plan was to let Mrs Tootlepedal do any work that was going and to try to rest the hand as much as possible.  While she went off to the dump, I took a  very gentle walk with my pocket camera clasped in my left hand.  Even with the light camera, taking pictures was not easy.

I had hoped that the bluebells might be out so I walked along the river past great banks of wild garlic, just about to burst into flower….

wild garlic

…and a lot of golden saxifrage and the occasional bluebell…

golden saxifrage and bluebell

…but it has been too cold and not sunny enough so when I got to my preferred bluebell spot, only a few were showing and the path up through the woods was still waiting for the blue carpet to be rolled out.

early bluebells

I walked up the path all the same and enjoyed what there was to be seen along the top.


Views over the town are disappearing behind fresh leaves.

leaves on Stubholm

leaves on Stubholm

When I got to the Stubholm, I continued along Gaskell’s Walk with just a hint in the blue sky above Meikleholm Hill to cheer the day up.

Meikleholm hill in spring

The path through the young birches was at its most magical.

gaskells in spring

There were a lot of grasses coming into flower along the path.


When I got to the Auld Stane Brig, I stopped to look at the permanent little lichen forest that grows on the fence post beside the bridge.  At only a little over an inch high, it stubbornly resists rain, snow, hail, wind and the road of passing traffic.

lichen at auld stane brig

Further along the road some of the hedge was full of different lichens.

lichenA lone butterbur was in flower beside the Wauchope Water…


…and on the wall at Pool Corner there was enough heat under the shelter for the slow worms to have come out.

slow worm

They like to snooze in a heap.

slow worm

When I got back to the garden, i was welcomed by the magnolia at the gate and Mrs Tootlepedal who had got back from her visit to the dump…

magnolia garden from gate

…and she, with a little help from me, gave the car a good clean up, even going as far as getting the vacuum cleaner on to the job.

The nearby tulips caught my eye…


..and I went off to look at some more.


I couldn’t hold the big camera up or get the tripod into position so there are no bird feeder pictures today.  I did take a picture of the chimney pot underneath the feeder though….


…before going indoors.

That concluded my activity for the day and I spent the rest of the day sitting down reading the papers or working at the computer, typing carefully with gentle fingers and holding the mouse in the loosest possible grip.

As it started to rain heavily, this was no great hardship.

I did take one more picture of some flowers in a vase on the kitchen table with Mrs Tootlepedal kindly holding up one of her scarves to make a background.


The quiet day certainly did my swollen hand no harm and I may need to look after it again tomorrow as I have learned that my new bike might be ready for collection on Friday and I shall want to be in as good condition as possible for a test ride.

There being no flying bird of the day, I have put in standing still and swimming ducks of the day instead, shot in a sunny moment on my walk.


Mary Jo kindly sent me a picture of an old man she saw at the blogging computer in our front room yesterday.   I don’t know who he is.  He looks much older than me.






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27 thoughts on “Left handed photography

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the bluebells. The new spring leaves on the trees are magical.
    I’ve never seen dog tooth violets arranged in a vase before. At first I thought they were lilies until I saw the bleeding hearts. They’re beautiful.
    I hope the hand heals quickly. I’ve done one handed photography, usually holding obstructions out of the way with the other, and it isn’t easy.

  2. I’m sorry you have such a painful hand. I know that pain well. I enjoyed your walk and the delicate new foliage of the birch trees is very lovely. It was also good to see the slow worms again.

  3. Not your best day. We’ve just heard from a friend who has had a remarkable turnaround using turmeric as a natural anti-inflammatory. A single capsule (combined with white pepper) has given her the chance to become mobile again. Might be worth a try, especially as it has so many other positive effects.

  4. It must be frustrating to suffer from a flair up of arthritis at this time of year, and with the new bike on its way. Although, pain is never fun any time of the year, but it must be doubly tough when there are so many things to photograph this time of year. I’m impressed with the photos that you did manage with one hand, especially the tulips.

    I think that it would be a wise move to track down that old guy who is impersonating you, he may try to steal your identity.

  5. Left or right handed photography…your garden is amazing! And your last comment made me smile. Familiar. Although your left hand did great, I hope your right hand will be able to help you soon again.

  6. Lovely photos of budding springtime but I have a favourite! The blossom …it’s just so pretty! Your left handed shooting is remarkable all photos picture perfect. However, I hope your r. hand feels better soon as that grass won’t wait too long!

  7. Sympathy for the painful right hand. I would be utterly useless in your situation since I’m a total lutz left-handed. I could have done without the slow worms (or legless lizards… lizards of any kind actually), though I suppose it’s payback for the cyanide centipede I posted. What a lovely idea to have Mrs T holding a scarf for background for your lovely flower shot! I’ll have to remember that trick for some future occasion. It looks like that ‘old’ man at the computer has a poster or painting on the wall behind the lamp. It brings some Beatles art work to mind. I don’t suppose you might give us a better look at it someday?

  8. Good job holding the camera steady.

    I loved seeing the pic of where you blog. Much tidier than my blogging desk.

    I have a rainy day so am finally going on a tootlepedal reading binge to get all caught up.

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