stepping stones

Today’s guest picture comes from my bother Andrew who is back on home territory.  He claims that his walking group couldn’t get across the famous Dovedale stepping stones today because of the traffic!

stepping stones

We are on holiday in North Berwick and Matilda and her parents have arrived safely too.

We left the garden looking lovely on a brilliantly sunny day…

garden in May

…having done a little precautionary watering before we left.

We stopped on our way at the stunning Leaderfoot bridges….

Leaderfoot old bridge
The old road bridge with the new one just visible behind.
Leaderfoot Viaduct
The sensationally elegant railway viaduct (disused)
Leaderfoot viaduct
It really is tall.

…and arrived at our holiday home.  It is called ‘The Cottage on the Beach’ for some reason.

Cottage on the beach

I took a stroll round while we were waiting for the others to arrive.

berwick Law
North Berwick Law looms over the town.  Mrs Tootlepedal climbed to the top last year.
North Berwick
There are many little islands lying just off shore.
Bass Rock
And the famous Bass Rock, home to many, many gannets.
North Berwick
At the end of a sunny Saturday, the beach was still busy
And so was the sea
And so was the sky above my head
I saw a cormorant and thought that it had caught a fish but it had nabbed some weed instead
North Berwick
The buildings round the harbour
North Berwick
The sun was beginning to sink in the sky

After tea, Mrs Tootlepedal and I walked along the sea shore and back through the town.  It was very peaceful by this time.

There was little difficulty in finding a flying bird of the day.


Note: As I am on holiday, I am writing only brief posts, not replying to comments (though reading all of them) and not commenting on the other blogs that I read.  It is rude to spend too much time crouched over the keyboard when you are in company.  I should be back to normal next week and hope that I can take  few interesting photos while I am here.

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14 thoughts on “Off

  1. Enjoy! That little plane looks like WWII era or even earlier, although I forget details. We spent time in museums for British airplanes in 1986 or so, and I simply forget more than that many of the planes only had one or a few of them left, and that the rest had been destroyed in war–

  2. Hope you [ALL] enjoy great times, no doubt growing together. May you enjoy pleasure and times you, so willingly, share with us, every day.

  3. That shot of the Dovedale stepping stones is funny. Are they always that crowded or was this some organized group? Looks like a fun hike either way. Have a great time on your beach holiday and don’t worry about the blog. We’ll still be here. Perhaps I’ll even catch up with replies and comments. (Though somehow that’s not an easy thing to do!)

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