The sun was late

Today’s guest picture comes from our neighbour Liz who popped into our garden and kindly sent me this confirmation that our alliums are doing well.  It is good to have people keeping an eye on things while we are away.


The spell of sunny weather was put on hold today and we woke to a grey and windy day…

windy weather nb

…but were we downhearted?

Well, just a little bit but we pulled ourselves together and went for a walk along the beach on our way to a cup of coffee in the town.

windy beach walk

Mrs Tootlepedal and I walked home through a walled garden and so much blossom had been blown off a chestnut tree that it almost looked as though it had snowed.

NB Chestnut

We had an interesting salad for lunch and were pleased as we munched it, to see the wind drop a little and the skies brighten up.

After lunch, Al and Clare took Matilda out to get a distant look at the Bass Rock and Mrs Tootlepedal and I set out to brave the breeze on our bikes.

After yesterday’s small circle to the west of the town, we did a similar sized circle to the east today and found the generous hedges planted by kindly farmers did a good job in keeping us sheltered from the wind.

On one open stretch I was able to take two famous local landmarks, the Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle, in one shot.

tantallon and bass rock

We soon got on to quiet back roads and once again were delighted to meet smooth surfaces and few if any potholes.

We passed this impressive lilac display…

NB lilacs

…before coming back to the same fine building that we approached from the far side yesterday.  From this side you can see that it is basically an enlarged fortified tower.

NB tower house

While I stopped to take a picture of the tower, Mrs Tootlepedal kept pedalling and the sharp eyed reader will just be able to make her out, as she vanishes into the distance…

road to NB

…on the last shallow rise before we dropped back into the town.

By this time the sun had come properly out and it was a very pleasant day so it was no surprise to find that Matilda was busy supervising the building of a fine sand castle on the beach when we got back.

matilda's sand castle
With a curtain wall!

Strangely, since it was Matilda’s castle no stamping took place and we were able to raise a pennant on one of the towers.

tunnock banner

As Scottish readers will recognise, the pennant celebrates that great Scottish hero, Mr Tunnock of teacake fame.

The sea had calmed down near the shore and a duck bobbed up and down peacefully.

NB duck

Further out, away from the shelter of the harbour, things were still turbulent.

NB waves

Later in the afternoon, I walked out to the end of the harbour rocks in pursuit of a flying gull.  Other birds were to be seen out in the sea.

NB eider
An eider duck floated along in the swell
nb gannets
And further out, two gannets swooped above the sea

It was still breezy but judging by the cloud in the background, we were getting the best of the local weather

NB east bay

I walked back to the cottage past this colourful row of houses.

NB colourful houses

Although North Berwick is a popular destination  both for holiday makers and day trippers and has plenty of attractive features, nothing has been done to “prettify” the town up and it remains by and large a very normal, though well looked after place.  This adds greatly to its charm in my view.

We went out for our evening meal and when we got home and Matilda had retired for the night, the grown ups played Oh Hell again.  Some people played better than others.  I was one of the others tonight.

A passing gull  provided the flying bird of the day.

flying gull tues

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12 thoughts on “The sun was late

  1. I can assure you there are plenty of admirers of Mr. Tunnock of teacake fame internationally!
    What a joy the simple pleasures are Sand Castles, and in a grand tradition of a true Scot,
    Matilda has little problem and is not intimidated by anything, considered an invader.

  2. If I could go on a bike ride past a castle, I would be one happy woman. I am green with envy. Does it seem routine to you?

  3. Never seen an eider duck before! Love the castle and the rock photo and the cycle ride through the countryside…it looks a really splendid place to go on holiday.

  4. Lovely! I’m enjoying your ‘vacation’ (holiday?) having just returned from our trip. Have much catching up to do! Lots to post though. Pity I don’t have internet where we camp, but probably wouldn’t have time to blog anyway. 😀

  5. Oh, this made me laugh: “Mr Tunnock of teacake fame.” I must find some of those teacakes to try.

    I appreciate your appreciation of “normal” seaside towns. Not all tatted up.

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