Not very adventurous

Today’s guest picture shows an elegant little lighthouse at Fleetwood on the Irish Sea coast.  My brother Andrew was visiting the town.


After several weeks of good weather, it was very unfortunate that for the weekend of the Muckeltoon Adventure Festival, a feast of mountain biking and trail running today, we should have got a miserable day of rain.

I was hoping to go and get some good action pictures but it was raining too heavily to make that any fun.

wet goldfinch

The goldfinches took badly to the rain too.

As a result, I spent a very quiet day inside until the rain stopped in the afternoon and I didn’t do much after that either.

The wet weather gave me a chance to watch the birds during the day.

Mrs Tootlepedal’s windowsill treats are still drawing in  sparrows….

sparrow on windowsill

…and the seeds were going down regularly on the feeder.

A stylish goldfinch keeping things tight to avoid the raindrops
busy feeder
More birds than perches leads to arguments
redpoll and siskin
Wet redpoll, wet siskin, bad temper all round.
incoming siskin
There was almost always a siskin in the offing


I got some Archive Group work done in the morning which was a bonus and I went out to check on the flowers when the rain stopped.

The roses were soggy but surviving…

wet roses

…and when the sun came out, the low lying plants looked positively cheerful

sunny flowers

…and I was happy to see that the Ooh La La clematis had stayed together.

clematis ooh

After some time to dry, things were looking good again….

wet flowers

…and I went for a very short walk to stretch my legs before any more rain came along.

You wouldn’t know that it had been such a miserable morning.

parish church

River Esk between bridges

Although the river was up a little bit, there was still plenty of gravel for the oyster catchers  and their chicks to patrol.

oyster catchers

young oyster catchers

young oyster catcher

It was such a dull day that I even found myself watching a bit of a World Cup football match.  The game seemed to consist of muscular Danes barging over skilful Peruvians and I was sorry to see that the Peruvians squandered every good chance that they got and let the Danes win.

I looked out of the window as I was writing this post in the evening and was impressed enough by a new(ish) moon to get my tripod out and as a reward to get bitten by a thousand midges.

new moon

The flower of the day is one of the durable peonies.


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24 thoughts on “Not very adventurous

  1. I didn’t think it was possible for a bird to look as bedraggled as that goldfinch! Your midge marathon was well worth the effort – the moon photo is quite spectacular. (What is that green box tucked in along the side of the church?)

  2. It’s always disappointing when rain falls on a summery outdoor event. I suppose the participants soldiered on but it wouldn’t have been much fun. I love that lighthouse!

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  3. Great photo of an unusual lighthouse. Such a shame when the weather spoils a well planned event but hope it went well in any case. Flowers look to be enjoying the rain don’t think the birds are though. Love the new moon photo…hope you made a wish!

  4. Isn’t that the way it goes? You’ve needed some rain there for a while, and it finally comes on the day of the Muckeltoon Adventure Festival, but, at least the garden will welcome the rain.

    I think that the image of the moon was worth being bitten by the midges, however that’s only my opinion since I wasn’t the one being bitten.

    1. I was really sorry for the people who organise the MTAF. They make huge efforts and are very efficient so it was truly bad luck for them.

      That’s the first time that I have been bitten this year so I musn’t grumble.

  5. Those poor birds! How wet and miserable they look! The moon photo is wonderful and I like the pictures of the church and the bridge over the river. Such a pity about the MTAF!

  6. Too bad about the rain. Living in Maine, I have seen many, many lighthouses, but not one that looked like the lighthouse you featured.

  7. Fabulous moon shot-very professional looking. We have had the super heat, then yesterday torrential and flooding rains, hoping for a few days of drying warm. If only nature would spread things out a bit more evenly.

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