Tired but happy

Today’s guest picture comes from Tom in South Africa.  He thought that we might need a touch of snow to cool us down.

south african winter

I have had a long day and I am pretty tired so although I am back at my computer, this post will be another brief one as I need an early night.

I left London by train and thanks to a fire along the side of the track ahead of us which held us up a bit, my train managed to get in after the bus to Langholm had departed and I had a hot and unwanted forty minutes to kill in Carlisle before the next one came.

I finally got home about five and had time to walk round the garden to do some watering, pick some peas and beans and gooseberries, dig up a potato and of course, take a picture or two.

I cooked the peas and beans and potatoes and had them for my tea and then went off to a choir practice at the church.  I thoroughly enjoyed this and feel that my voice may be recovering a bit.

I got back home and did some more watering.  We have been asked to try to avoid using garden hoses during the dry spell so there is going to be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with watering cans until it rains.   The current forecast says that this is unlikely to be in the next ten days at least.

I had  stewed the gooseberries earlier and I ate them after choir practice.

The garden has survived our absence surprisingly well, perhaps because our friend Mike has kindly been doing some watering while we have been away.

Here is the evidence.

Nasturtiums in a shady spot by the front door
rose Wren
The Wren, showing the dead heading is needed…
rose wren bunch
….but unbothered by the eager dead header, it has produced a fine bunch of flowers.
poppies tired
The poppies have come and gone while I have been away.   I dead headed them and hope for fresh flowers soon.
moss roses
The moss roses are in excellent shape
And I don’t think that  I have ever seen the stachys looking better.
The delphiniums are less tall (on purpose) than last year and are standing up well.
rambler rose
The Common Riding rose is looking very charming but it is a lot earlier than usual
Marigolds are coming out in various parts of the garden
special grandma rose
Special Grandma is a fitting tribute to both the gardener and her mother, two special grandmas.
small sunflower
The sunflowers in the vegetable garden have come out while we have been away.
dutvh iris
This Dutch iris couldn’t look any better if it tried.
red poppy
One poppy didn’t need dead heading

I am due to go to Edinburgh to visit Matilda tomorrow but that might depend on the heat.

No flying bird of the day today but I was pleased to see that we still have blackbirds in the garden.




Mrs Tootlepedal is staying with her mother for a week or two.  Both the garden and I will miss her.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

27 thoughts on “Tired but happy

  1. They all look lovely and healthy.

    To me those ‘marigolds’ look like what we used to call zinnias. Am I mistaken?
    I hope you get good healthy rain very soon and that it helps everything. We need it too, and it looks overcast enough to be likely. Fingers crossed for good rain for all who need it!

      1. What we call marigolds/calendulas have different leaves, more serrated on the edges, and tend to be quite compact. There must be countless types, so I can’t be sure of anything anymore!

      2. Same here, and yet I love them. Our yard, bought last year, has many oak trees and many trees that seem compatible with it, and yet I do not know what they are and have had no luck looking them up online based on leaves, nuts., flowers etc. I am not a success at that type of thing sometimes.

  2. A shame you missed the bus. You should have used the chauffeur service I did when visiting Langholm – punctual, friendly, courteous, and very good rates!

  3. Wonderful that the voice is coming back. Am I right in remembering that last summer was very cool and rainy for you? If so, then this summer is very different.

  4. How lovely to return to those beautiful flowers and fresh veg. Singing on top of your busy day sounded a good way to relax.

  5. The garden is looking magnificent despite the hot, dry weather you’ve been having.

    I’m glad that the trip went well with only the slight glitch of having to wait for the bus. I enjoyed the photos that you shot while away, but I don’t like to add comments for you to have to reply to while you’re on a family holiday.

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